Deadlines, Deadlines.

Yes, it is deadline city. But I’m actually doing alright! I did have to pull an all night-er on Thursday night- I just couldn’t get my brain to work!!! But it was okay in the end, and after speaking to my lecturer, she let me know that even if I had been a little late with submission it would have been fine. This is one of the great things I like about university!!! The support, and understanding here is brilliant, of course it only comes through if you are a dedicated student and actually show up to lectures, but still, if you try they help and it’s very comforting to know. Well I’ve got 3000 words to be cracking on with for Tuesday! (It’s actually less because I’ve written some of it but I always exaggerate, especially to my Mum so I can get lots of cups of teas and sweets brought to me. It’s my greatest tip to prospective students!!! :)) Hope you’re all doing okay at college too! Its to my understanding that you’ve all recently finished sorting out your student finance? Rest assured that, although you do have to reapply to an extent each year, you don’t have to deal with ALL of those forms :)!
Well, back to the land of work I go!

Fostex Machines…

…are very confusing machines! They’re an external sound recorder so when you’re producing someone you use that, connected to the boom mic, to get your diegetic sound. That’s where clapperboards come in etc. It’s always a good idea to use a Fostex as you work, even if you don’t think you’re going to use diegetic sound for that scene, and this is why: creating a soundtrack from scratch to sync to your film is THE hardest, most time consuming task ever. Imagine this, you need footsteps, trees blowing, leaves crunching…. you have to get all of that, and it’s got to be in sync with what you’ve filmed. I’m writing this blog post because today I had to do that very thing…. SO! When it comes to film making, and sound design, always ALWAYS record your sound there and then, and I recommend using a Fostex…you can hear the sounds as they record! And! You can hear any interference too! So you’re probably not going to need to re-record… Okay, that’s enough from me on sound… It’s time to go to sleep!

Always Record Sound

Yes! Always record sound as you work, even if you don’t think you’re going to use it later, because there is no worse, greater, or more time consuming task than going and re-recording sound effects to construct your own soundtrack. This is a task that I will be busy with this coming week, amongst my other student-y duties (such as essays, research etc.)! Not that I’m complaining…. haha But yes, HOT TIP of the week- always, always, record sound as you film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!