Sleepy Student

My title of course refers to myself, even now as I type my eyes are drooping. But I will soldier on! Today marked the second week of me co-hosting L:39 show with fellow broadcaster Dom! All I can say is that we have a brilliant time, so much fun. It’s pretty much a chill out session with some ace tunes and some wicked shout outs to our loyal listeners. I’m on the radio on a Weds, but no university- you may ask why I do this and my answer is simple; I am hoping it will encourage me to visit the library more through the week. It’s true. However I am yet to do so…still early days mind!

Anyway, bed time for me! Hope you’re all excellent and haven’t been too cold in our belated winter weather!!!! Brrr!!!! Happy Wednesday folks!

Currently Sat With My Head In A Book

The title says it all. Yep, I’m doing some good old book-worming! To any Matrix fans out there it’s a book called The Matrix Trilogy – Cyberpunk Reloaded… It links in VERY well to the module I’m doing called Spectacles, Bodies & Other Pleasures: Concepts in Television, Film & Animation. I’d describe to you what it’s about but a) I’m still getting my head around it a bit and b)…there’s a lot to say. I must give kudos though because this is an original course, created by a lecturer and is very, very interesting! So I will try and go into more detail over the coming weeks.

Some good news: I got my second 1st of the year! This coming from the girl who got mostly Cs and the occasional Bs during college and high school; anything is possible!

Back to Action

Yep, normal timetable started up again yesterday. I didn’t blog because I was super tired and fell asleep- sorry. But I’m blogging now. I must say the 2nd semester thus far has been incredibly interesting! And I will discuss that in more detail tomorrow. But for now I must go to sleep (very early I know) so I can wake up fresh for CAR 2001 tomorrow (the employability course)!
Hope you’re all well!!!

Manic Monday

Okay, well it isn’t Monday yet, but I’m certain tomorrow will be manic! Unfortunately a series of 9 AM starts begins tomorrow, which means I will be getting the buss at approximately quarter to 8. Will it even be light then? Shouldn’t really complain though, industry mornings for media workers are often 4 AM if not 3. Urgh…shudder at the thought!
Hope you’re all well! Wish me luck for getting up on time!!!!

A word of warning

Always, always do transcripts for your work. It may be time consuming but a) it will help you to pick out the best bits of your video and b) you’ll have to do it eventually so you may as well do it as you go along…unlike us, and now I am sat here with red fingers and a headache after typing out 40 minutes thereabouts!
Hope you’re well!!!!

It’s 5:17 AM

I’m trying to complete work and I’ve been attempting to do so since 11AM yesterday. My issue is that I get distracted very easily so it’s taken me this long to get just under 900 words. In fairness to myself I have been reading too. Anyway it’s very windy out and things are creaking and moving in my house like never before and it’s FREAKING me out. So I’m going to call it a night me thinks. Wish me luck!