Movie of the Week

Okay, this isn’t necessarily going to be a feature of the blog that I’m going to do on a weekly basis, I will however tell you of films I’ve seen as often as possible. Anyway, this week I’ve been on a Donnie Darko binge. You may have seen this film, you may not have, but either way, watch it. I’ve been watching Donnie Darko since it came on TV, as in I watch it many times in a year, but today marks my fourth time this week. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite film, I don’t have a favourite, but I will say it’s a film that I can just watch over and over. And what’s best about Donnie Darko (other than the fact I fancy the pants off Jake G) is that every time you watch it you spot something new, or take away a new message. In terms of you being prospective media students this is a film you definitely need to watch. It doesn’t come up in class discussions but the narrative, the style, the characters…everything about the film is spectacular, and you can apply a lot of theory to it too! So yeah, watch it with me, and let me know what you think about it?
Hope you’re well- it’s nearly Christmas!!!!

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