Rendered Unconscious

Technically I was today. For all you technological whizz kids out there you’ll know the sad story that is before editing things in Final Cut Pro, which by the way is the industry standard editing software, you have to render things. Now generally rendering takes up to say 5 minutes- if that, but when you’re rendering things from DVD for example, which you have pulled off of a ┬áDVD, apparently rendering takes 10 HOURS! Of course we worked around this by cutting out, using the frozen frame of images, bits that we didn’t need and just rendering the things that we did need. Still though, it took an hour- if not more. In fairness we were entertained by YouTube…as always, but there were a few moments where my chair would be nudged and I’d bounce back into consciousness…..I’m obviously not a very patient person! But it’ll be back to editing tomorrow, render free and can finally put together an opening sequence to our documentary- which, by the way, I will try and upload onto here so you can have a glance at the kind of stuff second years get up too!
Hope all is well, and you aren’t to chilly in the winter weather!!!

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