It’s my own fault I’ll be honest. For the Fact To Fiction module we have the ultimate coursework, it’s actually really very simple and helps you revise, but me being me hasn’t being doing it. The coursework is simply a learning diary. After each session you write a paragraph or so about what you’ve learnt from the class, the reading and talk about any examples you can think of, simple right? Well for me no, because I haven’t been doing that and the diary is due in on the 15th. I couldn’t have begged for a better coursework yet I waste it! Alas, I am sat here on a cloudy, windy, rainy Saturday attempting to complete the weeks we’ve had so far. To be honest there isn’t a doubt in my mind I’ll complete it, I’m just a little annoyed at myself for not doing it on a weekly basis in the first place. So, future media moguls, when it becomes your turn to have the learning diary coursework from heaven do it on a weekly basis rather than waiting until week 11 before starting to put the work in! Trust me, it’s an opportunity at an awesome university coursework not to be missed!!! Also, the lecturers go along and make comments on each entry so you can correct it in good time. There’s a very good chance I may not get some of my entries checked over for final hand in, oops.

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