Distractions, Distractions.

Well, getting a PS3 for Christmas was a bad idea when I’ve got so much work to be doing and can’t concentrate! In fairness I’ve made some notes from a book for an essay and….well that’s it! But I’m hopeful tomorrow will be much more productive. Wish me luck. Hope you’ve all had/ are having an ACE winter holdays :)!

Happy Holidays!

Tis the season! Apparently tis not the season for me to be reading text books as my further reading AND essay writing have been somewhat lacking over the past week! Argh! But the day after boxing day I shall crack on. I’ve been watching Christmas 24, which is Movies 24 but all Christmas-y and it’s my favourite channel this time of year. TV movies make the best Christmas movies…little known fact right there ;P
Happy holidays!!!

Christmas Holidays!

And the tower of books next to my bed is, well, higher than my bed! Incredible. But I’ve been enjoying a bit of further reading to be honest. I’m on a marketing binge at the minute. Also, I got all my coursework in for Thursday and I was actually very pleased with it so I’m in a delightful mood.
Hope you’re all excited for the holiday season!

One To Watch!

Iron Sky…I will explain much more as to why Iron Sky is so important in the coming weeks but pretty much the trailer was released to this film in 2008…although there was no ‘real’ film behind it. However, after seeing the trailer the public have demanded and demanded and begged that the film be made and released- and next year there demands will be met! This is one example of a new trend of trailer making with the intention of producing the film once there is enough public hype and financial backing as a result of that hype. Aspiring film makers- check it out.

Iron Sky Original Trailer

Happy Sunday!

Guess what! The learning diary which I mentioned in previous posts now only needs to feature our three favourite weeks! I am overjoyed, and this is what I’m spending my Sunday doing. I’m literally in a book fort.
Hope you’re all having a nice weekend. Once again, IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!

Movie of the Week

Okay, this isn’t necessarily going to be a feature of the blog that I’m going to do on a weekly basis, I will however tell you of films I’ve seen as often as possible. Anyway, this week I’ve been on a Donnie Darko binge. You may have seen this film, you may not have, but either way, watch it. I’ve been watching Donnie Darko since it came on TV, as in I watch it many times in a year, but today marks my fourth time this week. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite film, I don’t have a favourite, but I will say it’s a film that I can just watch over and over. And what’s best about Donnie Darko (other than the fact I fancy the pants off Jake G) is that every time you watch it you spot something new, or take away a new message. In terms of you being prospective media students this is a film you definitely need to watch. It doesn’t come up in class discussions but the narrative, the style, the characters…everything about the film is spectacular, and you can apply a lot of theory to it too! So yeah, watch it with me, and let me know what you think about it?
Hope you’re well- it’s nearly Christmas!!!!

Rendered Unconscious

Technically I was today. For all you technological whizz kids out there you’ll know the sad story that is before editing things in Final Cut Pro, which by the way is the industry standard editing software, you have to render things. Now generally rendering takes up to say 5 minutes- if that, but when you’re rendering things from DVD for example, which you have pulled off of a ┬áDVD, apparently rendering takes 10 HOURS! Of course we worked around this by cutting out, using the frozen frame of images, bits that we didn’t need and just rendering the things that we did need. Still though, it took an hour- if not more. In fairness we were entertained by YouTube…as always, but there were a few moments where my chair would be nudged and I’d bounce back into consciousness…..I’m obviously not a very patient person! But it’ll be back to editing tomorrow, render free and can finally put together an opening sequence to our documentary- which, by the way, I will try and upload onto here so you can have a glance at the kind of stuff second years get up too!
Hope all is well, and you aren’t to chilly in the winter weather!!!


It’s my own fault I’ll be honest. For the Fact To Fiction module we have the ultimate coursework, it’s actually really very simple and helps you revise, but me being me hasn’t being doing it. The coursework is simply a learning diary. After each session you write a paragraph or so about what you’ve learnt from the class, the reading and talk about any examples you can think of, simple right? Well for me no, because I haven’t been doing that and the diary is due in on the 15th. I couldn’t have begged for a better coursework yet I waste it! Alas, I am sat here on a cloudy, windy, rainy Saturday attempting to complete the weeks we’ve had so far. To be honest there isn’t a doubt in my mind I’ll complete it, I’m just a little annoyed at myself for not doing it on a weekly basis in the first place. So, future media moguls, when it becomes your turn to have the learning diary coursework from heaven do it on a weekly basis rather than waiting until week 11 before starting to put the work in! Trust me, it’s an opportunity at an awesome university coursework not to be missed!!! Also, the lecturers go along and make comments on each entry so you can correct it in good time. There’s a very good chance I may not get some of my entries checked over for final hand in, oops.