Yummy Yummy Edge Hill Food In My Tummy!

I eat a lot, but there’s not a lot that I like to eat. I’ve always been fussy, always! And last year admittedly I’d say Edge Hill food wasn’t all that amazing BUT this year, this year the food is yummy. Sandwiches, wraps, toasties, Terrace Cafe full on dinners, salad bar, pastries, pastas, cakes, FOOD! Everywhere!

There’s nothing better than taking a break from having your head in a book, heading to the Starbucks, getting a hot chocolate and going getting a wrap from the shop. Tasty. In fact I’ve just done it right now, hence why I write you this post. I’m floating in food heaven.

Anyway, back to book-worming folks. Wish me luck!


Carolyn Reynold’s/Lime Pictures/OPPORTUNITY!

So today at 2pm Carolyn Reynold’s came and did a talk. Carolyn is the CEO of Lime Pictures which is the UK’s biggest independent production company and makes television shows such as The Only Way Is Essex, Geordie Shore, Hollyoaks,  and many more drama television shows and films- and what’s best is that Lime operates out of Liverpool!!! So with Ormskirk, and Edge Hill being where it is it’s a prime location for budding students looking for work experience and opportunities in the media!

The talk itself was extremely interesting and gave us a much greater understanding of show business and the ins and outs of a production company’s processes and preferences too. However throughout the year there are many talks. At the Media Department every lecturer has had experience in the media, some still work in the media, and with that they have connections and so are able to set up these talks and opportunities to ensure that our transition into the work place isn’t too daunting, and we feel at a greater ease about entering the business, I know I do at any rate. We can also begin to identify the relevant companies in the business and begin to create contacts. So it’s a win win set up when you look at it really!

Hope you’re all doing great! It’s so cold at the minute; but winter is my favourite time of year anyway!

Being All Domesticated -y

I’ve made myself a packed lunch. I mean university food is amazing, The Terrace cafe makes some great meals, but I’ve decided tomorrow to have a packed lunch to save some cash! Also, to hopefully prevent me from buying a hot dog from McColls as they are the nicest hot dogs I have ever tasted. It’s a simple pasta dish really, in some snazzy Tupperware, but I feel this is a step forward for me economically. Wish me luck! My culinary skills are known to be, well, questionable.

Edge Hill University- LAND OF OPPORTUNITY!!!


It really is. Although in my first year I had no real interest in partaking in extracurricular

 activities, this year I’ve literally jumped on every opportunity that has come my way, and there’s been many. One great feature you’ll find on your Go Portal page is this blue tabbed section to the right which pretty much everything worth seeing gets advertised on – I found the application to become a student blogger there for example – and if you’re the kind of person who is looking to fill your CVs then that is the place to look!

Another great opportunity I got from there is an Employability Course I’ve begun. Over three sessions, and three assignments I’m going to develop skills for applying to jobs and presenting myself as well, employable! Not to forget this course will give me 20 additional university points!! So should you become an Edge Hill-er that is definitely one to look out for, along with all the other great opportunities too. Oh did I mention that the course is free? Yeah, free! Graduate jobs here I come!

University? On a Saturday?

Yes I went into university yesterday even though it was a Saturday. I don’t live in halls nor have I ever lived in halls so Saturdays in Uni are quite new to me, but I must say it was actually rather nice. The weather was lovely, sun was shining and things were comfortably quiet about. I nipped in to do a guest spot on a fellow DJ’s radio show but inevitably ended up in the library doing some work too and I was surprised at the amount of people who had the same idea. As odd as it sounds Saturdays in university are actually very nice, and I look forward to doing it again next weekend when I will be co-hosting the Saturday sports show!

Back To Work

Reading week is over, and yesterday it was back to work! But I had a great day to be honest. The morning began with a bit of Screen Adaptation which is pretty much script writing but focusing on films that have been adapted and the processes involved with adapting films. It’s actually very interesting stuff! Then it was time for the second week of my radio show, which went off fine although I did have slight trouble reading the news. Reading out loud from paper is not something I can do it would seem. But it was a great laugh and I got to play some awesome music too! Fellow blogger Chris was about as well and provided much entertainment behind the scenes I must say! Then my uni day ended with Screening, which was once again great- although I am slightly biased as I brought in the film. It’s called, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, I really recommend it as an independent movie with a clear tone and a really great narrative- it’s also adapted from a book so links great with Screen Adaptation!
Hope you’re all doing great!

Reading Week So Far…

Well I last wrote on Monday before my Halloween night out, which was very nice night I must say, since then it’s been lots of film watching and reading to be honest. However, on Tuesday I started my radio show! I was certain it would be on a Thursday but it turned out to be on Tuesday. Great fun, and an amazing experience cannot wait until next Tuesday to do my next show.

Screening also went well, we watched Anchorman!

Today I’ve watched an absolutely fantastic independent film called The Art of Getting By, it’s a very coming-of-age type story but a very artistic and well, beautifully made film and I highly recommend it. In fact this can be my recommend of the week, and next week I will provide you with a different must see movie!

Hope you are all doing well,