Happy Halloween/Hello Reading Week!

Yes! It is that grand old time of the term where we don’t have lectures and instead we get to catch up on notes, do a bit of reading- but, most importantly for me, watch films. I can say that, I’m a media student. But really I am going to watch films for educational purposes. Class discussions usually involve talking about different films and I’ve actually realised how many I haven’t seen. So part of this week is going to be spent watching a few new flicks. In fairness I do have a few assignments that I can be getting done and some reading is called for around my modules, but I am looking forward to this little break away from lectures to get my work straight and catch up on these films I’ve been missing out on.
Another good thing about reading week is that Tuesday night Screening is still on! Screening runs 6 until 8 at night (it is a bit of a late one) and pretty much we just watch whatever is relevant or interesting. All of the years and courses from the media department can attend the screening so sometimes it may focus on a different area that you haven’t been introduced to yet, which is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge in the media and see some material which you may not be used to. Screening also is a great opportunity for you to exhibit your own work and get a little feedback from your peers. There have been some amazing short films shown so far. This week I’ve requested a clip from the Mighty Boosh, because it makes me laugh, and our TV show production from last year is also being shown (I was a presenter, cringe!)
Also my radio show starts tomorrow at 3:30 I’m really excited. I’m on the chart show!
Well I better get going. Got lots of preparation to do for tonight’s Halloween antics! I love Halloween and Ormskirk, Edge Hill’s town, is going all out this year to give us a good night out!
Hope you’re well


So this is my first post as a university blogger- I can’t wait to let you all know about the exciting things that are happening on campus throughout the year!
I’m a second year media student studying Media: Film and Television and I’ll keep you posted on all the great happenings on my course and at the media department in general. Actually, today, in my Fact to Fiction lecture we were looking at Reality TV- lots of X-Factor talk let me tell you! I’d done the reading for the lecture last night and actually found this session really stimulating and interesting so I’ve been in a brilliant mood all day. ALSO, I’ve just joined the Radio Society and got to sit in for my friend today for a little while. My personal radio show will be starting next week so I will be keeping you up to date with that. But yeah, that’s a little information about my university experience today. I was also greeted by the ever friendly Edge Hill Ducks this morning which is always a fantastic way to start the day!
Will update you soon on more of the campus happenings and duck encounters!