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My birthday was awesome! Everyone loved the quiz, and then we played a few games and headed out into Ormskirk. I had a really good night and didn’t suffer to much the next day…winner!

Exciting times ahead!

This weekend I’m heading back to the sauffff (or South for the Northerners amongst you). First stop is Lincoln (not exactly the South, but South of Ormskirk!) My best friend is at Uni there so I’m off for a night out on the Thursday. One of the best things about being at Uni is going off to other Unis to meet up with friends and partying in a new city or town. Then Friday, we are both heading back to Kent and checking in with all the family and friends on a speedy run round.

Then Saturday is when the real fun starts.

10. 30 am. Piccadilly Circus. London. 48 hour film competition!

So we pick up the brief on the Saturday morning. We are given a line of dialogue, a prop list and the sub-genre (it’s a sci-fi film competition, not really my area, but it’s all worth the experience). You then have 48 hours to script, plan, film and edit your 3-5minute film!

It’s free to enter all you need is your own equipment. And this is where I get all geeky but my best friend has access to a Cannon 5D, which I am psyched about getting my hands on! Also Edgar Wright (director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Spaced and Scott Pilgrim) is on the panel! We are not expecting to win, but it’s all about the experience. Plus, we haven’t worked on any projects together since Sixth Form so it should be really interested to see how much we have both learnt at Uni.

I’ll let you know how we get on 🙂

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End of an era…oh and turning 22!

So last Wednesday I played my last ever game for Edge Hill Women’s basketball team. It was emotional!

As you may know from my previous blogs, I am the captain of the women’s basketball team at Edge Hill and I have played for them during my four years here. This year has been our most successful, but unfortunately I couldn’t go out on a win, but all the girls did me proud and we had a hard but close game to finish off the season.

I know I have said it before, but joining a club or society is a really good way to meet people. It gets you mixing with people on all different courses, people on and off campus and people from all over the country. Going to sign up to join the team was definitely the best decision in my Fresher’s Week.

On to more depressing news…I turn 22 this weekend. I know 22 isn’t old, but it means I’m no longer 21; and 21 is a GOOD age to be! However, despite be slightly depressed by the fact I’m turning 22, I am celebrating. This weekend I will be putting on my best Stephen Fry impression and holding my very own QI at my flat and then we are heading out into Ormskirk. Really looking forward to it actually and it should be good fun. I will report back, but for now I leave you with a question to test your general knowledge. An octopus has 8 tentacles, but which organ does it have 3 of? No cheating and using the internet!

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Eco Warrior!

This week is Green Week on campus. Edge Hill is really big on reducing their carbon foot print and is focused on making Edge Hill a more environmentally friendly place to live and study.

If you have been on a campus tour lead by myself or one of my fellow student guides, you may already know that some of Edge Hill’s buildings have features to make the University more ‘Green’ (and I’m not talking about the colour of the kitchen’s in Graduates Court). The Business and Law School is the most environmentally friendly. The excess heat heats the swimming pool next door, the rain water collected on the roof top garden flushes the toilets and there are windows that open when it gets too hot and close when it gets too cold. Genius!

So as I say, this week is Green Week. The University have organised a number of events from 28th February to 4th March to encourage people to become more eco-friendly.

Yesterday was the Eco Fair and organisations came down and offered advice and freebies, this included a Smoothie bike, Love Food Hate Waste recipe cards and the Bike Doctor.

Today is ‘Recycle your Electricals’, where you can get cash for your old electricals and then there is Climate Bingo in the venue at 7pm.

Other highlights of the week include a swap shop (hopefully Noel Edmonds won’t be there), bike rides, cycle maintenance workshops and a photo competition.

It is also Fairtrade Fortnight from February 28th to 13th March. Showing the University’s support for Fairtrade the fortnight hosts a variety of events ranging from blind tea tasting and a world record attempt.

The campus is looking pretty in the spring sunshine and there is a lot going on on campus…Edge Hill just gets better and better.

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Okay, so a bit of a cheesy title (and take it how you will), but this blog is inspired by my recent trip to Liverpool to watch Russell Howard.

For those of you that don’t know, Liverpool is just a half hour train journey away from Ormskirk and trains run every 15minutes. So it is the most accessible city to Edge Hill Students.

Not only is it great for a night out and excellent for shopping but there is always something going on. It could be a fairground in the middle of the main shopping streets, performing artists, a dance floor exhibition at the Tate or all sorts of different kinds of festivals. There is always something that will catch your eye.

My recent favourite destination is the Echo Arena. It’s on the Albert docks, near the Tate Modern and the Maritime museum and has a capacity of 11,000. There get some really good quality acts in, but I recommend looking for tickets well in advanced. If anybody caught ‘Famous and Fearless’ on Channel 4 last month, then that’s where it was filmed. Famous and Fearless was a bit naff on the TV but I went to go see it live and it was really exciting…plus I got to see Dame Kelly Holmes smash the hell out of two brand new mini coopers!

I brought the Russell Howard tickets nearly a year ago. I’ve been a big fan since I saw him back home about 6 years ago. He wasn’t very well known back then, but I’ve been to see him a couple of times since. The venues I’ve seen him in have only been really small and intimate so there was a lot of audience participation. However, at the Echo it was full to the brim, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But he was awesome, had every single person in the place laughing. Plus, I was sat 7 rows from the front, so it made it even more amazing


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Feel the rhythm, feel the ride, get in gear, its Applicant-visit-day time!

Exciting times for some of you!

Tomorrow is Edge Hill’s first applicant visit day of the year. It’s for all you that have applied and have got an offer to study a Sports course at Edge Hill.

There are several visit days throughout the year for the different courses. These are:

Business and Computing (inc Marketing) – Wednesday 2nd March or Wednesday 13th April

English, History and Film Studies – Wednesday 16th February or Wednesday 30th March

Law and Criminology – Wednesday 9th March or Wednesday 30th March

Media – Wednesday 16th March

Social and Psychological Sciences – Wednesday 23rd February or Wednesday 23rd March

Sport and Physical Activity – Wednesday 9th February or Saturday 5th March or Wednesday 6th April

All Joint and Major/Minor Programmes – Saturday 19th March

How do I book on I hear you say? Well, all you need to do is register on the Hi website (which I’m sure you already are) and click on the link at the top of your Account page. If you are not registered and are just reading the blogs then get yourself registered at hi.edgehill.ac.uk/register and then you will be on your way! Pick a date that is right for you and come along and have an awesome time.

Some of you might be thinking “what’s the point, I’ve already been to an Open day!” Well the applicant visit days offer more than an Open day because you get to look at specific facilities and get a detailed tour. You get the answers to questions you may have from the tutors, and even better, current students on the course. Also, you get a genuine feel for what the University is like during the day. If you are lucky you might catch some students going for breakfast in the terrace in their pyjamas or running across campus to lecture because they are late due to pressing the snooze button too many times.

Oh and if you are lucky you may just get some freebies!

So get booking and if you are coming tomorrow, have a great time!

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Food glorious food!

This blog is inspired my recent trend of eating. Seriously I can’t get
enough of scoffing my face. Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe I’ve
got myself a dirty habit after the Christmas festivities or maybe I’m
just plain greedy…but I’m certainly enjoying frequenting all the
eateries of Ormskirk in the name of ‘research’ for this blog post.
I’m going to do a run down of a few of my favourite places to eat in
and around Ormskirk. There are loads of places to go, but these are just
a few of my favourites (in no particular order).
Fat Olive in Ormskirk
The Fat Olive is a bit more sophisticated than pub grub, but not too
flashy. They do really good deals throughout the week. My favourite
night being Thursday where you get a free half litre of wine when you
order two courses. They also do a great Steak night. A nice
relaxed and intimate (for all you love birds) atmosphere.
Peri Peri in Ormskirk
A total rip off of Nandos – but hey, who cares! Everyone loves
chicken right? I’m such a huge fan of chicken it’s unreal so this is
definitely one of my favourites. Peri Peri offers a little more variety
than Nandos and has a great selection of deserts that come from
‘Scoozi’ takeaway next door (they are run by the same people they
don’t just rip off their deserts).
Red Hot in Liverpool
An all-you-can-eat from all around the world. There’s Indian,
Chinese, Tex-Mex, English, Japanese…the list goes on. This place is
great if you like a bit of everything. Just a train ride away and in the
middle of Liverpool One, Red Hot is just right if you have a big group of
friends that want all sorts of food.
Taybarns in Wigan
This one is slightly more tricky to get to unless you have a car, but
oh my is it worth it. Again with the all-you-can-eat theme, but this
time it is cavery, rostisserie (mmmm chicken), fish and chips, Chinese, Mexican and, my favourite bit, an ice cream machine.

So just a quick low down of a few of my favourite places to eat.
Anyway, I best go burn all these ‘research’ calories off at
basketball training! Game day tomorrow. We are playing against Salford.
Wish us luck!
Oh and if any of the restrants are reading this and want to offer me
free food in return for advertisement then that will be great. Thank
You. Please.


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New Year = New Start…ish

So…I took a bit of a longer Christmas break from blogging, but I can announce I will be back in full swing.

New Year brings New Year’s resolutions and, as always, I never make any. I’m not sure what I would give up. I do have an unhealthy obsession with Lucozade Energy (other energy drinks are also available), so much so that I think my blood has more sugar than oxygen! It’s quite funny that on campus on a Thursday morning you can’t seem to get hold of a bottle of Orange Lucozade due to the fact that it is a student proven hangover cure after a Wednesday night in the Venue!

But I can’t bring myself to give up the orange nectar or chocolate or anything that is unhealthy for me. I suppose I could vow to be more organised and efficient, but seeing as though it is half way through January and I’m only just thinking of New Year’s resolutions…I think I’ve already failed with that one!

I hope you all have made the resolution to get organised and all got your UCAS applications in on time. The deadline was Saturday 15th. So you should all now be waiting to hear back from all your Universities and then you’ve got the massive decision of where to choose. Although if you are reading this I’m sure Edge Hill will be one of your top choices. Exciting times ahead!

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter – hannahEHU

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Don’t you just love it when…

1)    …you are on crutches at this time of year?! Okay, maybe a hint of sarcasm in this statement. Some of you may have seen my tweet – “torn ligaments #ouchy”. Luckily it wasn’t related to my “pulling some moves to avoid slipping on the ice – #iamaninja” tweet, but unfortunately I tore the ligaments in my knee playing basketball last Wednesday. This equals Hannah trying to hobble around on crutches slipping on ice (iamNOTaninja springs to mind)! I am on the mend though!

2)     …all your friends get together at this time of the year. On Sunday I attended an X-Factor/Christmas party. It was a really good laugh with a quiz, x-factor, Secret Santa gifts and plenty of games. My fellow bloggers Becki and Rochelle were there (Edge Hill really is like one big family) and we played a game called Stack. Basically, you all sit in a circle on chairs and there is one question master. The question master asks a question such as “I am wearing socks” and if you are wearing socks you move one seat to the right, if you are not you sit still. So you end up sitting (or stacking) on peoples’ laps. The person to get around the circle and to their original seat wins. The question master can ask anything (and I mean anything) but the great thing is that you can’t question somebody when they move. It’s a great way of getting to know people and I definitely recommend it for Fresher’s week or just any party come to think of it.

3)    …the Christmas decorations start to go up. I’m really starting to get into the festive mood now. I’ve even got a silver pipe cleaner sticking out the top of my computer (‘very festive’ I hear you cry). Can’t wait to go home and see my Nephew. It’s his first Christmas and I’m sure he’ll be more interested in the box than the actual present but I still can’t wait.

Twitter – hannahEHU

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In the words of Eliza Doolittle…

…tweet tweet, tweet tweet tweet…

Please note that by this I meant Eliza Doolittle the singer-songwriter from London with top hits such as Pack Up and Skinny Genes NOT the Eliza Doolittle from George Cukor’s My Fair Lady (1964)…because I am sure you were all confused.

So this is just a quick blog to promote all us EHU bloggers on Twitter! If you didn’t know already, we all tweet on a regular basis so it’s a good opportunity to check out what’s going on at EHU when we don’t have quite enough time to write blogs. We all have our own EHU accounts and are all listed under http://twitter.com/#!/edgehill/student-life .

So get following and maybe have a giggle at some of the banter

 Twitter – hannahEHU

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Some of you may have seen my tweet last week referring to campus at this time of year. And today especially the campus lives up to the Winter Wonderland hash-tag I gave it. The frozen lake with the ducks skating on top, the grass that looks like it’s been sprinkled with icing sugar and the huddled students dressed head to toe in warm winter woollens – yet a serious lack of coats, it’s cool don’tcha know?

So this morning I had my picture taken for Edge Hill’s main site as all us bloggers are getting a profile on the main site. It was a beautiful morning for it, so look forward to seeing the results and all the pictures of the other bloggers.

This weekend felt very Wintery indeed. Friday night was the switch on of Ormskirk’s Christmas lights and it got me really in the Christmas mood – apart from the Miley Cyrus impersonator, she was a bit (how shall I put this?) naff…

Saturday involved a long lay in because it was too cold to get out of bed and then when I finally dragged myself out of my warm cosy den a friend and I went for Chiquitos and to see Harry Potter. Yes, I am a massive geek and I loved it! And that was just the Chiquitos…

Sunday was spent in bed due to being full of cold – which is really preparing me for Winter! Brrrrrrr!

Keep following me on Twitter – hannahEHU

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