The Edge Hill Experience

The Edge Hill Experience

Thinking of a future career is something that needs great concern. Your choice of
career could make or mar your future I said to myself.

Sitting in my room one night and thinking of an area of specialization for my future
career which computing has been the first and the last, I thought of Embedded
Systems. Embedded Systems as a choice is a good idea; but acquiring the
knowledge, skills and experience lead me into researching for what, where and when
to study.

A university with great concern for students academic and well being was my top
priority especially a university that offers a warm embrace to international students.
Studying hard would be difficult in an environment that is not friendly with people
from diverse cultural and ethical background. Edge Hill University topped my chart
for uniting nations for the purpose of academic excellence.

My relationship with fellow students, tutors and members of staff of the university
makes me feel I am in state of El Dorado. My tutors have been very wonderful and
friendly. The lecture rooms are very conducive.

I wear a big smile on my face as I board the school bus for free using my UNICARD
(University Identification Card); travelling to the central of the city never gets boring
even though I take the same route every day. It is more when I walk on foot as a
form of exercise.

With over seven cafes on campus, eating and drinking is made easy around
campus. Socializing is no problem at all as I just walk from my room to the Student
Union (S.U) where a bar and football viewing centre is located. In just 15 minutes, I
could walk to the town centre to club and visit other pubs.

I would love to tell all my experience but I am yet to get the last of it. I believe a visit
at the University open day will create my words into a reality.

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Franklin Okeme (IFP)

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