On Tuesday 23 April, the Research team hosted the annual Postgraduate Student Showcase. Professor Sally Spencer (Associate Dean Research and Innovation) and Professor Lucy Bray (Associate Dean Research and Innovation) introduced the event. Our postgraduate research students gathered in Faculty of Health, Social Care & Medicine to showcase their oral presentations and celebrate with those who had been awarded their MRes over the last year. Andrea May-Oliver, who won best presentation of the day award – congratulations Andrea!

Featured speakers and presentations included:

  • “Supporting the Wellbeing Needs of Caregivers of Autistic Adults with Learning Difficulties, A Mixed Methods Study” by Gaby Sanz.
  • “SCAD in cardiac rehabilitation: the experiences of patients and healthcare professionals” by Marissa Plaza Godoy.
  • “Exploring the relationship between clinical leadership and patient experience in the NHS” by Aneikan Ekpenyong.
  • “A Study Investigating Dietary Intake in Women with Recurrent Miscarriage to Determine if there is a Relationship between Recommended Nutritional Intakes, Placental Cells, and Pregnancy Outcomes” by Fatima Koroma.
  • “Exploring genomic literacy levels among final year pre-registration nursing students in the UK and their perception of integrating genomics into clinical practice using a mixed methods approach” by Shaheen Hajira.
  • “Perceptions of counselling on x/twitter: A social media content analysis” by Katie Bracegirdle.
  • “What’s in a name?” by George Turner.
  • “Developing an evidence-based arts therapies intervention protocol to support parent-infant relationship” by Georgina Roberts.
  • “Facilitating the integration of physical activity into psychological support provided to children and young people in England” by Maurelle D-Sa.
  • “Multimorbidity and socioeconomic status and its effects on treatment burden and health and social care service utilisation: A study from the North West of England” by Lucy Kaluvu.
  • “Educate4Diabetes – Mixed Methods Study Measuring the Impact of A Digital Platform For Type 1 Diabetes Education For Parents In Hard-To-Reach Communities And Healthcare Professionals In Southeast Asia (SEA)” by Soe Nyi Nyi.
  • “Unravelling children’s perspectives of communication with paediatric nurses’: a systematic review” by Martina Kennedy.
  • “Long Term Maintenance of Type 2 diabetes Remission using Low-Carb diets: A mixed methods study” by Ayse Sur Aksoy.
  • “Bridging the Gap: Empowering Nurse Managers as Champions of Evidence-Based Practice” by Silas Sebire.
  • “Being and becoming: Investigating experiences of black creative Arts Therapist” by Andrew May-Oliver.
  • “How can we better support and engage families who don’t bring their children to Ophthalmology appointments? A parent and staff perspective” by Lowri Jones.