On Friday 15 March, Claire Cockerill (Programme Leader MHWP) was joined by key personnel from the Psychological Professionals Network, the Northwest’s regional NHS trusts, alongside notable figures from Health Education England (HEE), and several highly experience Mental Health and Wellbeing Practitioners (MHWP) from practice.

The event provided a valuable opportunity to participants to network and share ideas, fostering collaboration across the region.

Through shared experiences and insights, solutions and actionable strategies devised to move the mental health wellbeing practitioner workforce forward. This collaborative effort aimed to address challenges, optimise resources, and enhance the quality of care provided to individuals in need.

One of the pivotal discussions revolved around the expansion of mental health wellbeing practitioners into new NHS trusts. By exploring opportunities for integration and collaboration, participants explored ideas to extend the reach of these essential services to communities that may currently lack adequate support.

As the event ended, participants departed with a sense of optimism and purpose. The useful exchange of ideas and the creation of new connections, will hopefully, laid the groundwork for future collaboration and progress in the field of mental health well-being. Read more: https://ppn.nhs.uk/