This University Mental Health Day (Thursday 14 March), students at St James, Manchester, embarked on a mindfulness journey led by University Wellbeing Practitioner, Jessica Owen.

Under Jessica’s expert guidance, students were treated to a myriad of invigorating mindfulness activities, including colouring books, block building and delightful self-care packages.

With an array of invaluable tools and resources, students were empowered with effective strategies to nurture their mental wellbeing. Special guest Paula from Big Life Group joined the event, which added an extra layer of inspiration and insight to the proceedings.

Jess Owen is available on-site every Thursday at St James campus, ready to offer her support for EHU staff/students. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to prioritize your mental wellness – contact Jessica via [email protected] or scan the QR codes around Manchester campus to secure your appointment.

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