After being inspired by the incredible buzz and range of events for International Women’s Day events over at the Ormskirk campus, Molly Press (Programme Administrator), Rose Walker (Departmental Administration Manager) and Kay Hughes (Head of Allied Health Professions Education) collaborated to bring the celebration to St James, Manchester campus.

On Friday 8 March, they held some thought-provoking discussions on Women in Healthcare and Administrative Professions, delving deep into topics like leadership, career highlights and challenges. There were also discussions around establishing a Menopause Café in Manchester. The event received a significant presence, creating an empowering space among St James staff.

Given Edge Hill University’s commemoration of the women’s suffrage movement through the symbolic colours of the University crest and mace, and St James’ campus being just around the corner from the iconic Emmeline Pankhurst statue, the venue and event radiated power, purpose and progressiveness. Post-event, Molly is teaming up with Aisling Barker (External Charters Manager) from HR, to establish a Menopause Café at St James campus.