GreenMe (an EU HORIZON funded project, where Dr Michelle Howarth (Senior Engagement Fellow) is involved as a co-investigator) launched its initiative at the three-day Kick-off meeting.

It was held in Barcelona from Monday 29 January to Wednesday 31 January and was hosted by Open University of Catalunya (UOC) and coordinated by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

It brought together over 60 consortium members, including esteemed Advisory Board members, the European Commission’s project officer Patrizia Tenerelli, and researchers from sister projects (RESONATE and NATURELAB).

During the event, researchers, therapy providers, and municipalities representatives worked together to address the challenges of the project via an insightful collective hands-on exercise, listing burning questions and providing answers leading to a half-day exchange to identify ways forward. In between sessions, the participants recharged their minds and bodies with walks in nearby parks, mindfulness exercises, and a mandala making outdoor activity, concretely experiencing how nature benefits mental health.

This Kick-off meeting saw the robust collaboration and exchange of ideas with sister projects RESONATE and NatureLAB, operating under the overarching theme of mental health, nature, and sustainability. The anticipated collaboration is poised to drive forward pioneering research and foster transformative outcomes within the realm of nature-health interactions.

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