Travelled back to Ormskirk

to pick up my keys for  the new house and to check it out again!

Because last year I had the biggest bedroom in the house this year I am going to be having the smallest… And oh my it’s tiny!! Dunno what I am going to do with all of my stuff! I’m looking forward to it though plus the rent is only going to be £57 per week (minus gas and electric obvs)

But yay woop.

Still haven’t gotten my loan information back yet…

So irritating.

Because the student finance website messed up my application I had to get some forms and fill in all of my parents information on it and then send it off. I did this at the beginning of August and I still haven’t heard anything back. Gahh just want it to be sorted. If I haven’t heard from them by the middle of September I’m going to be getting worried. I can’t imagine that it should take too much longer to get it sorted. Hopefully. I mean it took less than a month for me to get my wrong loan information back. So fingers crossed.

I keep trying to ask them on Twitter if they could give me a guesstimate but they’re just ignoring me. I don’t know whether or not to ring them or anything to try and check. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I’ll keep you posted.

The first week of a new semester!

Well it’s just been the first week back at uni for this semester and I have to say it has been the best so far! I’ve had a really good time.

But before I tell you this I shall tell you what happened when I moved back last Sunday… Well me and my mum set off from Blackpool (about an hours drive away) in the car at about 1ish and drove all the way to Ormskirk, because my mum’s lovely she offered to buy me a little bit of shopping so we went to the Morrisons in town. When we got out of the car we noticed that one of the tires on her car was going flat… So, because neither of us have ever changed a car tyre before we rang my dad (who was back in Blackpool) and he decided to drive all the way to Ormskirk to change it for us because my mum didn’t have her AA card :'(

By the time my dad had changed the tyre and I actually got back to the house it was about 5ish and I was super cold and tired. But, that was an eventful couple of hours. So maybe a Top Tip could be: Check your vehicle for any dodgy things, remember your AA (or whatever company your with) card is with you; just in case, maybe have someone who can change a tyre with you on the journey (if you’re super paranoid!) oh and of course, make sure your car has a spare tyre!

So back to why this week was AWESOME!

I am currently studying 4 modules per semester. 2 carry on from last and 2 start new this semester.

Last semester I did Film Genre and Film Realism (both of those carry on this semester) and I did Film Authorship and Film Animation (I absolutely loved the animation module and kinda wish that it was a year long module, but I am however thinking about doing something on animation for my dissertation next year.)

Now the two new modules that I am doing are: Film Censorship and Film Identity and Representation.

SO, this week I went to lectures and a lot of them were just basic introductions to what we are going to be studying so:

Film Genre : I am going to be spending the semester studying Horror, yay! I love horror 😀

Film Realism : is going to be focusing on Documentary okay, not so exciting but still should be good.

Film Censorship : I am really excited for this one, I am going to be studying lots of probably disturbing and disgusting stuff, but it will be really interesting finding out about how films are censored and what some filmmakers actually put in there films and the extremes that they go to!

Identity and Representation : I will be looking at Feminism, Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual and Black cinema. Which I know is going to be really interesting and it’s going to be different that just looking at cinema as a whole, it’s going to be really focused. I’m looking forward to it 😀

So that’s my modules, sounds really good right!? Yay.

Also this week me and 2 of my house mates tried to make a rainbow cake but all the colour disappeared, we’re really confused about why and how…

Oh, and I’ve bought The Hunger Games trilogy!! 😀 On the first book at the minute. It’s good!

Money Problems!

Yes so I am a student and yes I have money problems! What a surprise!!

So I shall explain why I have money issues.

Last year I was terrible at budgeting! Honestly I was the worst, in the first semester I managed to spend all of my loan and £200 savings that I had! I don’t know what happened, well actually I do, HMV and H&M! Those evil evil stores ate up all my money. And in second semester last year I ran out of money a couple of weeks before I finished for easter because I put my birthday fancy dress outfit before my need for food. It was bad I was so hungry! I even tried pasta and gravy because those were the only things I had left. It was not nice.

So TOP TIP! Budget, budget and budget!

Okay, so this year I was determined to stick to my budget. However, I also wanted to pass my driving test as soon as possible. So this created a few issues. I started having driving lessons. I booked 10 hours worth at the beginning of October. Those ten hours cost me £190 which is pretty cheap for driving lessons these days. So that was that amount gone out of my budget. I borrowed money of my boyfriend for the test which was £62, I borrowed the money so that I had a chance of not actually running out of money ha ha. Another expense that I and my house hold have is internet, which is about £5 a month (which isn’t too bad) and the TV license, which works out as about £2.50 each per month (also not too bad). To try and not run out of money I have tried to stick to £20-£30 per week, which is hard, especially because I get to the train to Preston every weekend and have to get it back on the Monday so that’s a total of £11. Okay. So I had all that money going out, but I was on track to sticking to my budget and actually surviving.


Me and my house mates received a gas and electric bill. NOOO! That worked out at £46.06 each. And that was for 3 months. Which I don’t think is that bad, however, I hadn’t budgeted for it because for some reason we thought that the bills wouldn’t come through until January :'(

Okay, so now for the last two weeks of the semester I have a grand total of about £10 to live off. I guess I shall be getting a lot of stuff from Iceland… That shop is a life saver, hopefully.