Got so many things to sort out still!

In preparation for starting my third and final year at Edge Hill!

Yesterday I ordered some new stationery! I tried to resist but I failed. I love stationery and the stuff that I saw was just awesome. Woop. Here’s a picture of one of my items, a new pencil case 🙂 

And I have a lever arch, diary, notebook, pens and book marks that match ^ on the way too. Love them sooo much! Really raring to go and cannot wait to get back! Super excited and I have no idea why. It’s going to be really really hard work!!

Still need to decide on what I am going to be taking back with me as my room is minuscule this year.

Can’t believe it’s now my final year… It’s gone so fast!

I hate my phone

I really really really hate it!

I’m trying to figure out if I would be able to afford at least a half decent phone when I go back to uni but I dunno.

I always manage to run out of money because I don’t really get that much.

It sucks.  I really need a job!

Plus I’m not going to have the internet in the new house for at least a week when I eventually move in, so it would be good be able to have some decent internet data to use up!

It’s really hard trying to figure out a budget for your money!

First week back at home has been great!

It was a pain to pack all of my things and then unpacking was the worst thing ever! I don’t have enough room in my wardrobe for all of my clothes so this week I had to buy two storage boxes!
On Tuesday I turned 20! So me and my boyfriend went to Nando’s and then on Wednesday we went to the cinema to watch The Avengers which was awesome!
Tuesday night I watched my brothers band practise which was really good, especially because they have written another new song and I absolutely love it!
Then on Friday me and my mum went into Blackpool so that I could spend some of my birthday money. I bought a few clothes which was cool and strange because when I usually have money I can never find anything that I want to buy!
Then on Friday night me and my mum went to watch I local band called Hooker play. They’re so good and such nice guys it’s always a laugh!
And today I went to visit both my nans and then my mum and my aunties and uncles are going out tonight to watch another local band play. I’m unsure whether or not to go out with them though. Don’t know if I can be bothered getting ready! Hmm decisions!