Moved back to the big O!

So tiring moving all my stuff from Blackpool to the house in Ormskirk! (about an hours drive)

My room is tiny this year as well! Not sure how I am going to do being squished in this little room!

Got two new house mates this year too which will be interesting! Looking forward to it though. I will try and post a picture of my room for you guys. Our house doesn’t have internet yet though!! Which sucks!

Been to watch my little brothers band play a lot recently!

That is one thing that I missed when I was at university. I missed a lot of my brother’s gigs.

He is 15 and he is in a 3 piece rock band called Jekyll. The other two band members are 16 and they are doing to well!

They have been getting a lot of attention around Blackpool and have been playing in various pubs as well as being involved in battle of the bands competitions and charity functions. They even won one of the competitions that they entered!

So far they have 2 fully completed original songs and are working on about 5 more.

I am so proud! And I absolutely love them so I am going to pretty much everything that they do whilst I can because I know that when I am back at uni for my 3rd and final year (scary!) I know I won’t be going back home as much!!