I hate my phone

I really really really hate it!

I’m trying to figure out if I would be able to afford at least a half decent phone when I go back to uni but I dunno.

I always manage to run out of money because I don’t really get that much.

It sucks.  I really need a job!

Plus I’m not going to have the internet in the new house for at least a week when I eventually move in, so it would be good be able to have some decent internet data to use up!

It’s really hard trying to figure out a budget for your money!

Words cannot explain how much I hate the Student Finance website.

Yeh, okay so basically I filled all the information in and saved it etc. And I went back on it last week to input my mum and dads yearly income and for some reason my application has messed up and like been sent off. Sooo I have gone through it again but it won’t let me change my parent’s income…

Stressed out!!

I’m guessing I am going to have to wait until they send me all the paperwork back before I can change any details….

Urgh, every single year I have some issue with the website. It’s really annoying and I don’t understand why it is such a rubbish system…


I’ve been introduced to this website called Klout and it basically measures you’re online influence based around your social networking sites. The site calculates your score between 1 & 100 and the higher your score the more ‘influential’ you are online.

So I have linked up my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & LastFm accounts and my score has been calculated at 30, which is a decent score at the moment. More influential people, such as Stephen Fry has a score of 81. Edge Hill apparently have a Klout score of 45.

The site also calculates the things that you talk about most. Mine haven’t been calculated yet as I haven’t been on it long but some of Edge Hill’s topics are Employment & Education, which makes sense.

If anyone else is curious about this (as I was) have a look at it and comment with your score and topics!