Summer time

means being able to meet up with old friends.

I met one of my old best friends a few days ago for a catch up. It was really fun and I didn’t realise how much I’d missed him. It had been about 4 years since we last saw each other! Time goes so fast!! But we are back in touch now and hopefully things will stay that way. He has just finished his 3rd year at university!


Exciting stuff and we need your help!

Okay so as I am studying Film Studies and I obviously very interested in filmmaking; my boyfriend is too. And he has been given the opportuity to make a documentary for an American World Record Roller Coaster Rider! So as you will all be told when you get to university, and probably have already been told at school and college; Work Experience is really really important and useful! So yes! This documentary is a form of work experience!!

Okay, so it is all very busy and exciting.

The documentary is being filmed in Blackpool at the Pleasure Beach. Here is a more detailed synopsis:

“Richard Rodriguez is an American university lecturer with an eccentric hobby: he is the ‘King of the Rollercoasters.’ Rodriguez first broke the record for the world’s longest rollercoaster ride in 1977, at the age of nineteen. Fast forward to 2012, Rodriguez takes insulin four times a day, has partial paralysis of the legs, and is about to retire from ‘marathoning’ for good; but not before breaking his own record one last time by riding the Pepsi Max Big One in Blackpool for over 100 days.

In the style of Louis Theroux and eclectic documentaries akin to ‘The King of Kong,’debut documentarian Ashok Baker follows Rodriguez on his final record breaking attempt, while peeking behind the veil at the sub-culture of ‘rollerphiles’ and their love of the man-made monuments to thrills. Baker also tries to uncover what attracted Rodriguez to rollercoasters, and examines the remarkable connections and friendships he has made during his thirty-five years on the rails.”

So it sounds really good doesn’t it!

One tiny tiny issue though, we need funding to help make the production run as smooth as possible! So that is where you guys come in! If all of you could just contribute £1 (or more if you can afford it!) it would be much appreciated, everyone will be credited with a backing or thanks credit at least! The more you donate the more you get!

Help us make this documentary!

It’ll be one step closer to helping us achieve our future careers!

Okay so to sponsor! Just click here, it is dead easy and secure I’ve just donated £5 😀


Thank you in advance!

Started some work!

So I have been looking through the three books that I have bought in order to research for my dissertation… The fourth one was out of stock! So I have no idea how long I will have to wait for that one, which is really irritating because it is the book that I want to read the most!

And I have read one out of the 16 books for one of my modules next year and I have started another one. SO slowly I am getting somewhere with all of this stuff! 😀

And whilst I haven’t been doing work I have managed to watch series 1-8 of House. It was brilliant! Loved it! Hugh Laurie is just awesome. And after I’d watched all of those I started to watch True Blood, I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages and just never got round to it! But I have done series 1-4 of that! So I am getting lots of TV viewing down at the moment!

Been keeping very busy whilst I’ve not been at uni so far!!

I really need a car

but because I am currently a student no where seems to want to hire me just over the summer. It’s such a pain, I’m getting really tired of looking and applying for jobs at the moment. I’ve been doing it since January! Urgh. I have my student loan but I am trying to save that for next year so that I’m not worrying about money all the time, as well as saving it for train fair as my boyfriend should be living in Manchester so I will  be travelling further to go and visit him at the weekends. Another reason why I need a car!

I’ve been trying to figure out how I could get one without being poor. So far I have come up with; continuing to apply for jobs and hopefully get one, buy a really cheap second hand car and then pay for my insurance monthly so that I can budget around it. But I’m really not sure.

If anyone has any jobs going in the Blackpool area give me a shout, I’m desperate!

First week back at home has been great!

It was a pain to pack all of my things and then unpacking was the worst thing ever! I don’t have enough room in my wardrobe for all of my clothes so this week I had to buy two storage boxes!
On Tuesday I turned 20! So me and my boyfriend went to Nando’s and then on Wednesday we went to the cinema to watch The Avengers which was awesome!
Tuesday night I watched my brothers band practise which was really good, especially because they have written another new song and I absolutely love it!
Then on Friday me and my mum went into Blackpool so that I could spend some of my birthday money. I bought a few clothes which was cool and strange because when I usually have money I can never find anything that I want to buy!
Then on Friday night me and my mum went to watch I local band called Hooker play. They’re so good and such nice guys it’s always a laugh!
And today I went to visit both my nans and then my mum and my aunties and uncles are going out tonight to watch another local band play. I’m unsure whether or not to go out with them though. Don’t know if I can be bothered getting ready! Hmm decisions!

London was amazing!

I really enjoyed my short trip to London Thursday to Saturday! It felt as if I was down there for about a week! Me and my boyfriend managed to do a lot considering we were there for probably less than two days. So Thursday, we got the train down, checked in at the hotel and then went straight out and had a wander round London, the Euston area, so we went to Regent Park which is lovely, and then just walked around… Then I had Nando’s for the first time ever! Friday we went to London Zoo which was fantastic, I really love monkeys and there were loads there so I was very happy. After that we walked to the house that the television show Spaced was filmed in. It was a mega long walk and my legs and feet were killing me but it was pretty surreal seeing where one of your fave shows was filmed!! Then on the Saturday we checked out and got the train back.

I’m now back in Blackpool for a week to spend some time with the family. I’m also trying to find a job, which is like impossible!! But I really need one so it has to be done.

I’m also trying to sell some of my photographs because I am a really keen photographer. I mostly do landscape stuff. If anyone is remotely interested comment on here 😀

Not been in university this week.

Because my grandad sadly passed away the week before and it was his funeral this week.
I’ve missed a lot of lectures now so this means that the next week and the easter holidays are going to be extremely busy for me to try and get all of my work done! Lucily though my year head has said that she will give me some extensions so that I am not panicking about my work. I’m still going to aim to get them in on the original deadline date though 😀

This week has been a long one,

So I’ve gone back home to Blackpool for the weekend to see my family. One of my aunties is down from Scotland and I barely ever see her so I took this opportunity to come and hang out.

This week I bought a book about how to write dissertations. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about what I want to write mine about next year and I’ve decided upon writing it about early horror films. However, I’m struggling about what the main focus of my dissertation. So I bought the book to see if it helped me figure out my ideas. It seems like a really good book at the minute but I think I am going to email one of my tutors to ask for some advice. Ideally I would love to know what I want to write it about so that I can begin my research over the summer. I’ll let you guys know when I’ve decided what I’m going to base my dissertation on. 😀