Travelled back to Ormskirk

to pick up my keys for  the new house and to check it out again!

Because last year I had the biggest bedroom in the house this year I am going to be having the smallest… And oh my it’s tiny!! Dunno what I am going to do with all of my stuff! I’m looking forward to it though plus the rent is only going to be £57 per week (minus gas and electric obvs)

But yay woop.

Still haven’t gotten my loan information back yet…

So irritating.

Because the student finance website messed up my application I had to get some forms and fill in all of my parents information on it and then send it off. I did this at the beginning of August and I still haven’t heard anything back. Gahh just want it to be sorted. If I haven’t heard from them by the middle of September I’m going to be getting worried. I can’t imagine that it should take too much longer to get it sorted. Hopefully. I mean it took less than a month for me to get my wrong loan information back. So fingers crossed.

I keep trying to ask them on Twitter if they could give me a guesstimate but they’re just ignoring me. I don’t know whether or not to ring them or anything to try and check. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I’ll keep you posted.

House situation

Well I think that I have mentioned before about how 2 of my friends that I lived with last year have decided to just commute to university next year. So me and my other friend had to try and find 2 other people to live with us. We managed to find 1 other so now our landlord has found someone else. So basically we are going to be living with someone that we don’t know. Again!!

I was really curious as to who the new person is going to be so I asked my landlord if she could tell us because we had a bad feeling that it was going to be a boy! But luckily it’s a girl.
I think that I found her on Facebook so I dropped her a message and added her as a friend. I hope she replies etc. so that I can get to know her a bit before we all move in.

I’m a bit awkward when it comes to meeting people for the very first time because I’m pretty rubbish at making decent conversations so hopefully we can get chatting before we meet in person!

One of the main points about university is meeting new people anyway so looking forward to it!

Applied for a Job

Right, after applying for loads of jobs and then getting annoyed at not getting anything back I’ve applied for ANOTHER job.

Okay, so I am signed up to Edge Hill’s Job Club and they are advertising a job going in the library. So I think that that is awesome so I’ve applied for it. I spend a lot of time in the library anyway so why not? Plus I have secretly always wanted to work in a library so if I get it it should be good. I hope I get it.

It’ll be two nights a week 9pm-12am which isn’t too bad either and usually just spend that time at night being lazy so it’ll make me be productive.

Plus it’s money that every student needs.  AND if I get it, it means experience and that may enhance my chances of working in a library after university which is a step forward isn’t it.

Been to watch my little brothers band play a lot recently!

That is one thing that I missed when I was at university. I missed a lot of my brother’s gigs.

He is 15 and he is in a 3 piece rock band called Jekyll. The other two band members are 16 and they are doing to well!

They have been getting a lot of attention around Blackpool and have been playing in various pubs as well as being involved in battle of the bands competitions and charity functions. They even won one of the competitions that they entered!

So far they have 2 fully completed original songs and are working on about 5 more.

I am so proud! And I absolutely love them so I am going to pretty much everything that they do whilst I can because I know that when I am back at uni for my 3rd and final year (scary!) I know I won’t be going back home as much!!