So I have an iPad!

So I’ve wanted one for like ever! I now I have one! And it is awesome!!

Great for chilling out on and playing games and using social networks etc. BUT

I also think that it is going to be really useful when I am back at university!

Okay so my ideas for giving the iPad anĀ academicĀ purpose are:

1) Next year I will be living off campus, again, so it will be a lot smaller and lighter for my to carry around instead of my laptop.

2) I can use it for lecture and seminar notes.

3) I can also use it when I am doing research in the library, which again saves me taking my heavy laptop.

4) I can watch films for my course on it/put films that I have watched for my course on it and them have them with me if I need to refer back to a scene etc.

5) Internet research

6) Ebooks! I can download them straight onto my iPad!

7) Can read through books and articles and highlight specific areas and book mark pages etc.


Those are my reasons thus far. So hopefully it will be a useful thing that have and hopefully it will save me lugging my laptop around which almost killed me last year.



I have properly began my research for my dissertation.

The fourth book that I ordered finally arrived (after waiting for over a month for it!)

So I now have no excuses at all not to do the work.

I have started my research by slowly reading through one of my books and I have already taken four A4 pages of notes, which is good I think!

Finding all my research super interesting too which is good. I was worried that I would get bored of researching! I absolutely hate researching to begin with so at least I am managing it for the time being.

What I think I am going to do is, research one of my sections of my dissertation and then write a draft of that section and then re-draft it and then move on to researching my second section and so on.

I’m basing my dissertation on Video Nasties so there is a lot of information about censorship and how the British government reacted to them in the 1980s!!

I’m really enjoying it!!

Summer time

means being able to meet up with old friends.

I met one of my old best friends a few days ago for a catch up. It was really fun and I didn’t realise how much I’d missed him. It had been about 4 years since we last saw each other! Time goes so fast!! But we are back in touch now and hopefully things will stay that way. He has just finished his 3rd year at university!


Words cannot explain how much I hate the Student Finance website.

Yeh, okay so basically I filled all the information in and saved it etc. And I went back on it last week to input my mum and dads yearly income and for some reason my application has messed up and like been sent off. Sooo I have gone through it again but it won’t let me change my parent’s income…

Stressed out!!

I’m guessing I am going to have to wait until they send me all the paperwork back before I can change any details….

Urgh, every single year I have some issue with the website. It’s really annoying and I don’t understand why it is such a rubbish system…