House for next year.

Well as you may know after being a first year at Edge Hill University you cannot live in halls for your second and third year, because there just isn’t enough room.

This year was my second year so I lived in a house in Ormskirk with three of my friends and then another boy who had lived in the house a year before.

We didn’t really get along too well with the boy as he was really dirty, messy and he was very strange. So at the end of this year we were all like “yay, next year is going to be awesome!”

However, we are moving into another house as one of our friends has decided to commute for third year as she thinks that it will be cheaper for her. So we are going to move into a four bedroomed house instead of staying in the five bedroomed house so that we only need to find one person to live with us and not two (because the boy won’t be with us either next year)

But, a few days ago our land lord text messaged me and one of my friends to say that our other friend has given her notice and that she is not going to be living with us next year… Now. This has really upset me as she didn’t mention it to us and now we have to try and find someone else to move in with us at short notice or else we might get stuck with someone that we might not get along with again.

Now, our landlady has recieved a phone call off a girl that wants the room. But my friend, who is living in the house next year, had a lot of trouble with this girl in first year and our land lord isn’t responding to her texts.

I’m getting a bit annoyed because we have asked more people to live with us and our land lord better let one of them have the room instead of the other girl or I’m not going to be happy at all because I really can’t be bothered with trouble starting.

Why are things never simple? I’m so stressed out!

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