So I emailed my supervisor that I have for my dissertation next year with a more precise proposal. I really thought that my ideas were too big and that he was going to email me back saying “you’re rubbisshhh!!” and the wait for his reply killed me because I was so anxious.


His reply was actually really good. He said my ideas were strong but I shouldn’t be focusing on my segments yet and just focus on my ideas for now. So I’ve started writing a reply to him but I wanna make sure I can pack as much information in as possible.

I’m getting pretty motivated about this now. Yay. Thinking about buying some books to begin some mega research. I’m feeling excited, why am I feeling excited!? Ha ten thousand words is really scary…

Things to do this week are:

-Send email to my supervisor with more ideas.

-Look for some key books to begin research.

-Order books. Also check that the books that I am going  to order will be useful.

-Buy a big notepad and ring binder (I love stationary so this is the perfect excuse to spend some money.)


It feels weird that I’m going to be doing a lot of work over the summer when I am at home… Pfft kinda sucks. But needs to be done. I also need to read books for a module next year too but can’t get motivated to do that. Really don’t like reading books that I haven’t chosen myself.

House for next year.

Well as you may know after being a first year at Edge Hill University you cannot live in halls for your second and third year, because there just isn’t enough room.

This year was my second year so I lived in a house in Ormskirk with three of my friends and then another boy who had lived in the house a year before.

We didn’t really get along too well with the boy as he was really dirty, messy and he was very strange. So at the end of this year we were all like “yay, next year is going to be awesome!”

However, we are moving into another house as one of our friends has decided to commute for third year as she thinks that it will be cheaper for her. So we are going to move into a four bedroomed house instead of staying in the five bedroomed house so that we only need to find one person to live with us and not two (because the boy won’t be with us either next year)

But, a few days ago our land lord text messaged me and one of my friends to say that our other friend has given her notice and that she is not going to be living with us next year… Now. This has really upset me as she didn’t mention it to us and now we have to try and find someone else to move in with us at short notice or else we might get stuck with someone that we might not get along with again.

Now, our landlady has recieved a phone call off a girl that wants the room. But my friend, who is living in the house next year, had a lot of trouble with this girl in first year and our land lord isn’t responding to her texts.

I’m getting a bit annoyed because we have asked more people to live with us and our land lord better let one of them have the room instead of the other girl or I’m not going to be happy at all because I really can’t be bothered with trouble starting.

Why are things never simple? I’m so stressed out!

Dissertation Meeting

So today was the day I had to travel back into uni from back in Blackpool to have my talk about dissertations next year.

I’ll start from the beginning of the day…

So I would have had to get the train from Blackpool to Ormskirk because I don’t have a car :'( and that would have probably have taken me about two hours at the least. With travelling to the train station, waiting for the train, then going to Preston, then waiting at the station in Preston, then getting on the train to Ormskirk and then walking to uni. That is just a horrible and tiring journey which also costs me money that I do not have.

So, because my boyfriend is just the best he said that he would drive me in which should take an hour!

Okay so he picks me up at quarter to ten (the meeting is at eleven) so that we can get there in good time. BUT we get stuck in the worst traffic I’ve seen in ages in Preston… I was panicking a bit actually, it got to half past ten before we got out of the traffic. So I was there thinking I am going to be late for this really important meeting!

Anyway. we got into Ormskirk at five to eleven. So the boyfriend dropped me off at the entrance and I pretty much ran into uni. I got there in time which I was shocked about.

The meeting:
Okay, the meeting was really helpful Andrea was talking us through aspects of what we had to do and how we were going to do it etc. And we got given the handbook to look over. We were also assigned our supervisors for next year. Those are the tutors who are going to help us get through the dissertation. I’ve got Peter. I’ve only had him for my horror lectures this year and no seminars. He seems really nice and he is funny, which I love. But because I haven’t had him for any seminars or anything I’m a bit nervous because he doesn’t really know me, and I am really bad with meeting new people. But I’m going to have to just push through it.

Anyways the meeting was only half an hour… Which kind of annoyed me because it took me over an hour to get there and I kinda feel as if the information we were given was all in the handbook anyway and we could have just been told to download the handbook offline etc. So it is a bit annoying. But it got me out and about for a bit of the day.

Now is where it gets serious though. Really need to start research for my dissertation etc. I’m scared about it I really am. But hopefully it’ll be good.

Got lots of books to read for next year, I think it’s 16 in total!


And instead of starting to read them, I’ve started to read another book, Cosmopolis by Don Delillo. I’ve read over half of it already and I am really enjoying it. It’s really really good.

I thought that by reading a book of my choice will get me in the mood for reading and then I might be able to read the other books a lot easier and quicker. I’m really not looking forward to some of the books that have been put on the list though because they really don’t sound like my type of book and if I am not interested I really really struggle to read something. I’ve got about 5 books that I’ve started to read but haven’t finished because I really just can’t get into them.

Anyway I am going to have to read them whether I like them or not!

Need to go back in to uni on the 14th May for a talk about dissertations and stuff so I will update you on that after it happens.


First week back at home has been great!

It was a pain to pack all of my things and then unpacking was the worst thing ever! I don’t have enough room in my wardrobe for all of my clothes so this week I had to buy two storage boxes!
On Tuesday I turned 20! So me and my boyfriend went to Nando’s and then on Wednesday we went to the cinema to watch The Avengers which was awesome!
Tuesday night I watched my brothers band practise which was really good, especially because they have written another new song and I absolutely love it!
Then on Friday me and my mum went into Blackpool so that I could spend some of my birthday money. I bought a few clothes which was cool and strange because when I usually have money I can never find anything that I want to buy!
Then on Friday night me and my mum went to watch I local band called Hooker play. They’re so good and such nice guys it’s always a laugh!
And today I went to visit both my nans and then my mum and my aunties and uncles are going out tonight to watch another local band play. I’m unsure whether or not to go out with them though. Don’t know if I can be bothered getting ready! Hmm decisions!