Today has been very successful!!


So happy right now!

I have completely finished two out of my four essays! That includes quotes and research, footnotes, page numbers, headers and bibliography and filmography!

So my Horror essay is done.

And my Realism essay is also done.


That means that I just need to finish off my Censorship essay which is already half done! And then need to start and complete my Identity and Representation essay!! I have an extremely good feeling about this now! YES!

Because I am feeling so great I might try and finish off the bulk of my Censorship essay tonight so that tomorrow I just need to include quotes and then I can really focus on my Id and Rep tomorrow.

I actually feel as if I can get all of these done before Friday now. Woo! Just need to work really really hard tonight and tomorrow. I’ll feel like death but it will definitely be worth it to be able to get moved back home and to start research for my dissertation and do reading for another module for next year. And also to have a well earned rest over the summer!

I feel awesome!

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