London was amazing!

I really enjoyed my short trip to London Thursday to Saturday! It felt as if I was down there for about a week! Me and my boyfriend managed to do a lot considering we were there for probably less than two days. So Thursday, we got the train down, checked in at the hotel and then went straight out and had a wander round London, the Euston area, so we went to Regent Park which is lovely, and then just walked around… Then I had Nando’s for the first time ever! Friday we went to London Zoo which was fantastic, I really love monkeys and there were loads there so I was very happy. After that we walked to the house that the television show Spaced was filmed in. It was a mega long walk and my legs and feet were killing me but it was pretty surreal seeing where one of your fave shows was filmed!! Then on the Saturday we checked out and got the train back.

I’m now back in Blackpool for a week to spend some time with the family. I’m also trying to find a job, which is like impossible!! But I really need one so it has to be done.

I’m also trying to sell some of my photographs because I am a really keen photographer. I mostly do landscape stuff. If anyone is remotely interested comment on here 😀

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