Written the majority of one essay

Now just three more to go with two weeks left of the Easter break.

I can do this!!

Written my horror essay so far, the next one to do is for Censorship I think.

Been a busy week, was in the library all day on Monday. Then today (Thursday) I went to London. Three hour train journey down here, and I suffer from travel sickness so I felt like I was dying. But glad I’m here now. FUN!

Library Day!!

It wasn’t very successful though, I didn’t do much but after this week is over it’s 3 weeks off for easter so I should be able to get all my work done then. Looking forward to not having to get up early for a few weeks haha 😀 But I’m just super lazy.
Long day ahead tomorrow 9am-5pm so I should get some sleep. I don’t feel tired though.

Interesting little side note. I was on tumblr before (the blogging site for all of you that may not know) and someone liked my post so I thought I would nosey at their profile. And it turns out that they are in their first year at Edge Hill. I find that really strange that we just kinda bumped into one another online. 😀

Not been in university this week.

Because my grandad sadly passed away the week before and it was his funeral this week.
I’ve missed a lot of lectures now so this means that the next week and the easter holidays are going to be extremely busy for me to try and get all of my work done! Lucily though my year head has said that she will give me some extensions so that I am not panicking about my work. I’m still going to aim to get them in on the original deadline date though 😀

The end of another assessment week

Exam on Monday morning for Horror. Think I did okay. And then an essay in for Tuesday. Very hectic searching round the library looking for a computer to print my work off… Then worrying that I didn’t have enough money on my account to actually print it! I eventually did it though which is all good. Now two more weeks until eater, then we have three weeks off. Which means it is time to start work on assessments that are due in at the beginning of May. The n after easter we are back for two weeks and then that’s that for the summer 😀

Hectic assessment week!

Essay handed in on Monday and then exam on Thursday and next week I have an exam on Monday and an essay to be in on Tuesday. So much to do but when this is out of the way everything will be a lot calmer. Will just have to prepare and write four essays for the beginning of May. Which means back to library days on a Wednesday so I can try and get as much done as possible over the next three weeks before Easter!!!