So today lecturers are on strike so various lectures have been cancelled and so on.

I don’t have lectures on a Thursday anyway, which is annoying! Could have had another day off! Haha.

But as usual on a Wednesday me and Jenny have ventured to the library to try and do lots of work! We’ve been in here since eleven o’clock and it’s not one o’clock. I really don’t feel as if I have done that much work which is irritating.

As the strikes are on the library is really quiet, which is great. Hardly anyone is here so me and Jenny have been able to grab a table right near the Film Studies sections. YES! It is usually really really really overly busy in the library throughout the day, which really sucks, but today is good. Now all that is left is for my brain to get working to that I can finish this essay.

I have two deadlines before Christmas, one on the twelfth of December and one on the fifteenth of Decemeber. I’m currently working on the one due in on the twelfth, I am writing it about Masculinity within Film Noir films, which is harder than I thought it was going to be but, it is nearly done, just need to add a few more quotes and do a re-draft. I’m going to go and see my lecturer about it tomorrow lunch time to get some feedback and some ideas so that I am feeling confident about my essay. After I have done that next week I am going to focus on the essay due in on the fifteenth which I am writing about Martin Scorsese. Hopefully that essay won’t take me as long to write, but you never know. Then the week after that (when those two essays are due in) I  am going to research for two other essays that have to be in at the beginning of January. Hopefully with any luck I’ll be able to write at least one of them before I go home for Christmas!

I really cannot wait until Christmas, I need a rest I’m so tired!

And now it is all lovely and calm…

So after the last couple of weeks being horrible now the next 3 to 4 weeks left of this semester is all about lectures, seminars and preparing for and writing my essays.

I have 2 essays that have to be in before Christmas. 1 on the 12th December and 1 on the 15th Decemeber. So from now on I am going to be researching and writing them. For my research I am going to watch about 4 different films (that I haven’t studied on the Film Studies course) for each essay and look through a lot of books finding information and quotes that will help my essays. I’m feeling good about it all so it shouldn’t be too stressful.

During the Christmas break I have 2 other essays that have to be in (around the begining of January) so I also need to at least do my research for those essays before I break up too. I am going to try and write them as well so that I don’t have to do anything over Christmas!! Haha… I’m not sure if I will have time to write them all though, but I am going to try 😀

I’m so excited for Christmas already haha it’s a bit bad! But, it is motivation to get my work done!!

Another Hectic Week!

So last week consisted of 2 exams and essay writing. This week is essay writing and handing in, essay research and an exam, which means a lot of revision. As well as this I have a driving lesson too! Urgh I don’t seem to have enough time.

So today, Tuesday was the deadline for my fist assignment. I got it handed in, YAY, just hope I have done well!

Tonight and tomorrow I shall be revising loads for my exam on Thursday morning. I’m a bit nervous about this exam, it’s for my animation module and the format of the exam seems to be a bit different to other exams that I have done. But, hopefully if I revise I’ll be able to do it! 😀

EXAMS & Deadlines!

This week has been really really really busy!

Last week was reading week/independent study week (a week where I don’t have any lectures, just one-to-one meetings with my module tutors to discuss essays and spare time to revise for exams etc.) So I spent most of that week revising for my exam that I had on Monday morning.

So Monday morning. I was so nervous. My two hour exam was for my Film Genre module and it was based upon The Western genre. For the exam I had to write two essays that were in response to two essay questions. I found the exam a bit difficult but I think it went okay. Hopefully it went okay.

Tuesday was based upon writing a Critical Appraisal that has to be in next Tuesday. The critical appraisal is one thousand words based upon an article about Realism in the Cinema. Me and my friend Jenny went to the library at three o’clock and we were there until half seven o’clock! I had lots to do for the essay including research so that it what a lot of my time was spent on. Anyway got that written and was happy with what I ended up with. WOO! 😀

Wednesday I don’t have any lectures but I had a three hour driving lesson as I am desperately trying to pass my driving test as soon as possible! After my driving lesson at about six o’clock I started to do some more revision for my next exam that was on Thursday afternoon. I spent hours revising until I mentally couldn’t do it anymore! I think that I actually went crazy as I asked my house-mate if we should set off for uni on Thursday morning at nine o’clock in the morning because for some reason I thought that I had an exam in the morning too! So that moment of craziness made me realise that I desperately needed sleep before the long day that was ahead of me.

Well that night I had the worst night EVER! I couldn’t sleep at all. I was so frustrated and absolutely shattered! I think that I was worrying over my exam too much and therefore my brain couldn’t rest 🙁

So Thursday morning my alarm went off at eight o’clock. I was already awake but I really didn’t want to get out of bed. I had a lecture that morning though so I made myself get up and go. I also made myself go because next week I have another exam for that module (Animation). I managed to slowly walk my way to uni with Jenny. It took us ages! But we got there and we sat through the one hour lecture and the two hour seminar. It was horrible, I was so tired and was really struggling to concentrate. My mind was all over the place and it was a really hard lecture that day so it wasn’t good at all. At twelve o’clock the seminar ended and we went to go buy some dinner and then look for a place to revise before the exam. We ended up bumping into a few friends so we all went and sat in the film studies department seating area and we just talked about our notes for about three hours. It was really good, really beneficial. I think revising in a group is a lot better. All the things that I wasn’t sure on were made clear and I really started to remember a lot more stuff. I was so relieved! At three o’clock it was time for the exam. The exam was on Authorship and Alfred Hitchcock, again I had to write two essays in response to two questions. At five o’clock the exam was over and I was really pleased with how it went. It went so much better than I thought it was going to go and I was so happy! Yay!

Now time for me to crash over the weekend and try and get some sleep!

Reading Week

This week is reading week or independent study week (different courses call it different things). So basically this week I don’t have any lectures BUT I have lots of work to do. Therefore this week enables me to:

A) Revise for upcoming exams.


B) Research and plan essays.

I also need to go into university and talk to my tutors about my essays and anything else I want to 🙂

The main focus for me in reading week is going to be revising for 2 exams that I have next week and revising for an exam I have the week after and also writing an essay that has to be in in 3 weeks. TOO MUCH TO DO!

I wish that I only had to focus on essays this week and then have exams at the end of the semester, but it’s the other way round! Less stress after these exams I suppose 🙂