I’ve been introduced to this website called Klout and it basically measures you’re online influence based around your social networking sites. The site calculates your score between 1 & 100 and the higher your score the more ‘influential’ you are online.

So I have linked up my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & LastFm accounts and my score has been calculated at 30, which is a decent score at the moment. More influential people, such as Stephen Fry has a score of 81. Edge Hill apparently have a Klout score of 45.

The site also calculates the things that you talk about most. Mine haven’t been calculated yet as I haven’t been on it long but some of Edge Hill’s topics are Employment & Education, which makes sense.

If anyone else is curious about this (as I was) have a look at it and comment with your score and topics!

Oh Thursday, 9am – 5pm the pain!

So it’s Thursday, probably my worst day of the week. I am in uni 9am – 5pm :'( It makes me upset! Ha, on the upside though I have a 2 hour break in the middle to chill out and do work.

I am currently sat in The Hub with my friend and housemate Jenny. We had to be hawk eyed to grab a seat, it gets really busy in here around this time, luckily though we have managed to grab a couch!

So work that I am planning on doing, I have just taken out 3 books from the library on animation. (I do a module dedicated to animation) One book is on Genre & Authorship, another on Anime and another about Understanding Animation. These are in preperation for my exam that is in 3 weeks and also an essay that I have to write for December. I’m thinking I am going to write my essay on Anime and Disney cartoons. Which should be fun, in theory.

Thursday is an even busier day for me too as I usually have to rush back to my student house (a 20 minute walk away) grab all my clothes and dash to try and get the ten to six train to Preston (the train station is a 10 minute walk from my house). I tend to go home (Blackpool) on the weekends or to see my boyfriend (he lives in Preston and goes to UCLAN) so I manage to experience 2 different sides to uni life. I have to say Ormskirk is a much more pleasant environment but there are up and downsides to both which I will discuss throughout this blog.

Thanks for reading, come back soon 😀