The New Edge Hill

Right now Edge Hill is undergoing reconstruction, which is quite exciting! I can’t wait to go and explore the new buildings and see what Edge Hill looks like when I return in September. Edge Hill is building a brand new entrance for Sporting Edge as well as new accommodation which is to be opened this coming September. They are building 384 en-suite student rooms in six separate blocks to the east of the campus and will be similar to Founders and Graduates Court. Last year, I loved living in Founders Court, the rooms were spacious and so was the kitchen, it was lovely, and even better, the people that are fortunate to live in the new court, not only will you be the first EVER to live in these halls but you are very close to sporting edge, the laundrette and the university’s club, so for Freshers week, you haven’t got to crawl too far! Haha.

A new year is drawing near, and I am really looking forward to seeing new faces around the campus! So I shall see you all very soon! x

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