First Year Passed! So Happy!

Today, I found out that I have passed my first year at Uni! The happiness that rushed over me was overwhelming. All the stress, tears, anger and frustration that I felt throughout this year was most definitely worth it when I looked at my results card today! I couldn’t be any happier; I’m definitely on the right career path for myself! Now I know I don’t have to worry about my first year at all and instead just concentrate on my second and final year, I cannot wait!

So, when it comes to your a-level results and you achieve the grades you need, feel proud! Because all the work you have done for the past two years is the reason you got the grades, you deserve them and the satisfaction you will feel will be amazing.

Furthermore, if you don’t get the results that you need, try not to feel too upset because maybe it wasn’t meant to be, there are plenty of paths for you to take that doesn’t include uni! You should still feel proud for completing the two years, I know plenty of people that dropped and didn’t even complete their a-levels.

No matter what happens on results day, just think of what you do have in life, your family, your friends, yourself… And you will go far in life 🙂

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