You Only Live Once

My sister had her prom last week, she looked so beautiful! I was so proud to call her my sister, it was perfect.  After she left for her prom, I started thinking about how fast we are all growing up, and it’s seriously scary to think that in 2 years’ time, I would have finished university and be looking for a job.

If you look back at your life now, would you agree how quickly the years have gone?

I certainly would! Therefore, I am trying this new challenge which is to do something different every week, so I am able to enjoy life and each week I am able to look back and think, ‘yeah, I made the most of that week.’

So this summer, I would really recommend making the most of it, before you become a skint student and have to work loads so you are able to afford Uni. You only live once, so truly make the most of it. You may think some years drag on but now looking back and thinking that I have already been at uni for a year and have only 2 more to go, is crazy! I have to even start thinking about my dissertation in this year! Life is getting serious.

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