Getting Started…

At this time, it is getting closer to the time of moving away from your family and living your own life at uni! Within the weeks leading up to moving in, you get given a welcome pack. I have just found mine out and the memories have come flooding back.

Within this welcome pack there are many chapters explaining important information that you will need to be aware of and the pack does help with answering many of your questions. Within the first chapter you have a small paragraph by the Dean of Faculty and then an introduction and key dates follow after. I really would advise to read the entire book, so you know where and when you need to be and what key documents you need to bring with you to university! Within the key dates, you will find numerous dates for enrolment; however you will only fall into one category. For me, I was in Enrolment Session 2 as I was living in Halls of Residence. Further chapters include; Admissions, Enrolment Sessions in advice, Tuition Fees and Funding, Travel and Car Parking, Advice and Services and Contacts. AND on top of all of that, you get given your freshers’ week calendar with the freshers’ events inside! The most fun you are going to have in a long time! Enjoy! 😀

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