Students and their discounts!

Ormskirk is quite a small, quiet town, a fantastic place to relax however, there aren’t loads of things to do. BUT, you have a train and bus station where you have so many opportunities to go out on a variety of day outs. You can easily go to the beach in Southport, play mini golf at Liverpool One or you can even go to Chester.

Yesterday I went to Chester Zoo, it only cost me £4.60 for a return from Ormskirk to Chester Zoo, and I had an amazing time! The main point of this blog today is to emphasise; you’re a student, get every card that you can which gives you a discount.

Yesterday, travelling to and from Bache station which is the closest train station to Chester Zoo, only cost me £4.60 because I had a 16-25 railcard, you do have to pay for the card but overall, you save so much money. To show how good the railcard is, normally for my flat mates, that don’t have this card, it costs them £4.60 just for a return from Liverpool, however for me and I was able to travel to Bache in Chester and return for the same amount of money.  I also have a NUS extra card which also gives fantastic discounts ranging from clothes to days out. For Chester Zoo, I paid less then my boyfriend, just because I hold a NUS card. You do have to pay for the NUS extra card as well, however in the long run, it really is worth it.

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