Finally, my first year is nearly done, with the amount of work I have done over this year; I can’t wait for a well deserved break. I absolutely love my course, don’t get me wrong but, it will be nice to relax and not worry about whether I have done enough work to pass my exams. Although, I have passed all my exams so far which I’m so happy with! But, I do have 3 exams left, fingers crossed I will do well!

Before you leave for the year, there are a few procedures you must complete before leaving halls of residence; one in particular is booking a room inspection. Throughout the year you only have two inspections in your room, just to see whether you are keeping your room in the condition you found it in. The last inspection is at the end of the year on the day you are leaving, once you have cleared everything out of your room, the inspectors will come along confirming whether you will receive your damage deposit that you paid at the beginning of the year or not. These inspections can take place whenever throughout the weeks this is because it is your responsibility to book the inspection. Once the inspection is complete, all you have to do is hand in your keys and go home. First year complete! 😀

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