6 weeks to go!! :D

Exams are back! And this time they are even more serious! In January, we only had one exam to take, unfortunately this summer; we have 8 exams, 2 portfolios and an assignment to complete! But on the plus side, our course does the re-sits in May rather then August like most courses, I don’t know if that would be the same for future students, we will have to wait and see. For me, I am completely finished including re-sits by the end of May! That means I have roughly 4/5 months off from Uni where I don’t have to think about any exams or work and I can relax after such a stressful and busy year and earn more money for the second year.

I still can’t believe how fast this year has gone, to think I only have 6 weeks left when to me; it only feels like yesterday when I first moved in, it’s crazy! This year has been challenging but I never noticed until I went home for 3 weeks at Easter, how independent I have become; its hard living with your family after having your own place, feel like I’m moving on with my life and creating myself a future, it’s great!

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