Toot toot, travelling!

I went home this week, whilst travelling back home, it made me think about when I went home last year during the first few months of Uni, and looking back at it now, I would completely change it if I had the chance…

 Whilst being at University, you will miss home and it’s understandable… you’re in a completely different environment and out of your comfort zone and because you miss home, you want to go back and visit everyone. However, I personally recommend not going home within the first 2 months, otherwise you’re going to open the wound again and it is going to be extremely hard saying goodbye. I know how tough it can be sometimes, because you don’t know anyone fully well and you feel all alone in your room but just remember, they are all in the same situation as you!

After New Year, I didn’t visit my family back home until this week, so that’s 2 months being at Uni where I didn’t visit them and not once did I feel homesick. Proof that you will stop being homesick sooner or later!  Plus, if you keep travelling home, that’s more money you are wasting on trains or flights which you could put towards other essentials such as food shopping or stationary…. Or nights out 😉

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