Nearly there…

This week has quite possibly been the most stressful week I have had so far! As I have mentioned before, Sports Therapy is a very high demanding course, so demanding we have exams we have to pass, so we are able to take the actual exam for that module at the end of the year. If you fail the mock, you have 2 more chances to pass that exam otherwise you can not sit the actual exam meaning you failed the year and you’re off the course. This week, I have had one exam in Anatomy, which throughout the first year; you will have every 3-4 weeks on a joint within the body, so far I have done Ankle, Knee, Hip, Spine and Shoulder and we are currently learning the Elbow, Wrist and Hand which is our last one to learn, finally!

I have also had another exam in TENS which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, you learn about this machine in Physiology, we had to learn about the machine in the hour lecture just before our exam was to take place, so it was pretty intense, everyone was a bit nervous, but the exam was surprisingly easy, providing you think about the answer logically and take your time.

On top of two exams, we had a Physiology assignment to hand in as well! Key advice: the minute you have been told about an assignment you need to complete, start it that night! Many of my friends on my course were stressing trying to complete the assignment on top of the TENS exam that they had to take that day. Also, if you start it that night, you’re more likely to remember the information that you need to include in your assignment in more detail compared to leaving the assignment until the last week before it has to be handed in.

Although this week has been stressful, it reminds me how much I enjoy my course. Yes at times you get so stressed and you’re thinking why am I here? But then at the end of it all and you complete a week like this with 1 assignment handed in and 2 exams passed, you know you’re doing something right!

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