Edge Hill is waiting…

Finally my summer is here! … Yay! 😀

I’m off to V Festival this weekend and then on holiday straight after, I cannot wait! I definitely think I deserve it after my first year at uni where I achieved 3 firsts and 2 2:1s overall! I must admit, I do absolutely love being at home but I can’t wait to get back to Uni and start learning again. It’s extremely weird to think that I actually miss working on assignments as well!

Tomorrow is the big day for many students that plan to go to University; the nerves must be kicking in. If you’ve done the work, then no doubt you’re going to be just fine! So good luck everyone, Edge Hill is waiting for you…

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I Love The Olympics

I was so proud to be British after the Olympic opening ceremony, it was absolutely fantastic. I’ve actually had the opportunity to watch one of the football matches, Brazil vs. Egypt and I absolutely loved the experience. The atmosphere was incredible, my boyfriend and I were supporting Brazil, and we were lucky enough to sit with Brazilians and we had the time of our lives. As I was sitting there, the idea of me being a sports therapist and possibly having the opportunity to be a sports therapist for a football team in the future is amazing, I would love to be out there helping one day.

Next week my boyfriend and I are going to the Olympics again, to watch Mexico vs. Switzerland and Great Britain (whooo!) vs. Uruguay in the football. I hope you all enjoy the Olympics and if you’re fortunate enough to be going, you’re going to have so much fun!

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The New Edge Hill

Right now Edge Hill is undergoing reconstruction, which is quite exciting! I can’t wait to go and explore the new buildings and see what Edge Hill looks like when I return in September. Edge Hill is building a brand new entrance for Sporting Edge as well as new accommodation which is to be opened this coming September. They are building 384 en-suite student rooms in six separate blocks to the east of the campus and will be similar to Founders and Graduates Court. Last year, I loved living in Founders Court, the rooms were spacious and so was the kitchen, it was lovely, and even better, the people that are fortunate to live in the new court, not only will you be the first EVER to live in these halls but you are very close to sporting edge, the laundrette and the university’s club, so for Freshers week, you haven’t got to crawl too far! Haha.

A new year is drawing near, and I am really looking forward to seeing new faces around the campus! So I shall see you all very soon! x

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First Year Passed! So Happy!

Today, I found out that I have passed my first year at Uni! The happiness that rushed over me was overwhelming. All the stress, tears, anger and frustration that I felt throughout this year was most definitely worth it when I looked at my results card today! I couldn’t be any happier; I’m definitely on the right career path for myself! Now I know I don’t have to worry about my first year at all and instead just concentrate on my second and final year, I cannot wait!

So, when it comes to your a-level results and you achieve the grades you need, feel proud! Because all the work you have done for the past two years is the reason you got the grades, you deserve them and the satisfaction you will feel will be amazing.

Furthermore, if you don’t get the results that you need, try not to feel too upset because maybe it wasn’t meant to be, there are plenty of paths for you to take that doesn’t include uni! You should still feel proud for completing the two years, I know plenty of people that dropped and didn’t even complete their a-levels.

No matter what happens on results day, just think of what you do have in life, your family, your friends, yourself… And you will go far in life 🙂

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You Only Live Once

My sister had her prom last week, she looked so beautiful! I was so proud to call her my sister, it was perfect.  After she left for her prom, I started thinking about how fast we are all growing up, and it’s seriously scary to think that in 2 years’ time, I would have finished university and be looking for a job.

If you look back at your life now, would you agree how quickly the years have gone?

I certainly would! Therefore, I am trying this new challenge which is to do something different every week, so I am able to enjoy life and each week I am able to look back and think, ‘yeah, I made the most of that week.’

So this summer, I would really recommend making the most of it, before you become a skint student and have to work loads so you are able to afford Uni. You only live once, so truly make the most of it. You may think some years drag on but now looking back and thinking that I have already been at uni for a year and have only 2 more to go, is crazy! I have to even start thinking about my dissertation in this year! Life is getting serious.

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The Start Of My Summer Break

I haven’t blogged for a while and for that, I apologise, the reason I haven’t blogged for a while is because I am working so much trying to earn enough money to be able to afford next year at Uni. My dad helped me set up a cash flow system, which in my opinion is so beneficial. Basically, the system shows how long your money will last taking into account how much you would be earning and spending each month. My cash flow shows that I would need to earn a couple of hundred pounds for me to last until next summer. So I have begun working as much as possible so I am able to spend a little and treat myself occasionally as well. 😉

Even though my contract for my accommodation doesn’t end until 24th June 2012, I left at the end of May so I was able to get back home and get a job before other uni students return to my town. I have to say, I am so glad that I decided to travel home early as I haven’t stopped working since and I fully recommend it.

Having this break from Uni was perfect, although you really cannot waste your money going out constantly or going on holidays. I am certainly not saying don’t do anything because I am going on holiday this year myself, but what I recommend is to work as much as possible and don’t become lazy and sit around the house. You have no work, so this is the time to explore the world and cherish every moment that you make before you are back at uni working on your next assignment. 🙂



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Getting Started…

At this time, it is getting closer to the time of moving away from your family and living your own life at uni! Within the weeks leading up to moving in, you get given a welcome pack. I have just found mine out and the memories have come flooding back.

Within this welcome pack there are many chapters explaining important information that you will need to be aware of and the pack does help with answering many of your questions. Within the first chapter you have a small paragraph by the Dean of Faculty and then an introduction and key dates follow after. I really would advise to read the entire book, so you know where and when you need to be and what key documents you need to bring with you to university! Within the key dates, you will find numerous dates for enrolment; however you will only fall into one category. For me, I was in Enrolment Session 2 as I was living in Halls of Residence. Further chapters include; Admissions, Enrolment Sessions in advice, Tuition Fees and Funding, Travel and Car Parking, Advice and Services and Contacts. AND on top of all of that, you get given your freshers’ week calendar with the freshers’ events inside! The most fun you are going to have in a long time! Enjoy! 😀

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First Year – done!

This is my final week as a first year at university! I say goodbye to all my friends on Saturday for this summer, and I know already it will be emotional! Looking back at this year, I’ve noticed how much I have matured and become independent and I am so proud of the person that I have become. Depending on how intense your course is, you should become highly organised by the end of the year as well, which I have noticed has helped dramatically at my workplace back home. Going to university was the best decision for me, after having a tough few years, going to uni, I became stronger and happier and I am a completely different person now. Even though working to your best ability for your course is so important at uni, you will have adventures with your friends at uni and you will have the time of your life and have so many memories! Not once do I regret going to uni and that’s just after one year, I have another two to go!

At this time, everyone would be taking their A-levels exams hoping to go uni, the only advice I can give you is: take your time and think logically. I’m sure if you’ve revised, you will get the grades that you want and before you know it you will be off to uni, starting your own life.

To everyone that is taking exams right now, good luck!! I’m sure you all will do great!

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Students and their discounts!

Ormskirk is quite a small, quiet town, a fantastic place to relax however, there aren’t loads of things to do. BUT, you have a train and bus station where you have so many opportunities to go out on a variety of day outs. You can easily go to the beach in Southport, play mini golf at Liverpool One or you can even go to Chester.

Yesterday I went to Chester Zoo, it only cost me £4.60 for a return from Ormskirk to Chester Zoo, and I had an amazing time! The main point of this blog today is to emphasise; you’re a student, get every card that you can which gives you a discount.

Yesterday, travelling to and from Bache station which is the closest train station to Chester Zoo, only cost me £4.60 because I had a 16-25 railcard, you do have to pay for the card but overall, you save so much money. To show how good the railcard is, normally for my flat mates, that don’t have this card, it costs them £4.60 just for a return from Liverpool, however for me and I was able to travel to Bache in Chester and return for the same amount of money.  I also have a NUS extra card which also gives fantastic discounts ranging from clothes to days out. For Chester Zoo, I paid less then my boyfriend, just because I hold a NUS card. You do have to pay for the NUS extra card as well, however in the long run, it really is worth it.

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Finally, my first year is nearly done, with the amount of work I have done over this year; I can’t wait for a well deserved break. I absolutely love my course, don’t get me wrong but, it will be nice to relax and not worry about whether I have done enough work to pass my exams. Although, I have passed all my exams so far which I’m so happy with! But, I do have 3 exams left, fingers crossed I will do well!

Before you leave for the year, there are a few procedures you must complete before leaving halls of residence; one in particular is booking a room inspection. Throughout the year you only have two inspections in your room, just to see whether you are keeping your room in the condition you found it in. The last inspection is at the end of the year on the day you are leaving, once you have cleared everything out of your room, the inspectors will come along confirming whether you will receive your damage deposit that you paid at the beginning of the year or not. These inspections can take place whenever throughout the weeks this is because it is your responsibility to book the inspection. Once the inspection is complete, all you have to do is hand in your keys and go home. First year complete! 😀

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