Dissertation part 4

Following on from visiting the sampling sites for my Dissertation, I have now completed the first part of my research. I have visited each location and applied various treatments on the small leaved lime flowers which I now plan to take back to the lab to carry out some fluorescence microscopy techniques.

The treatments involved bagging the flowers before they open, and once open, carrying out various crosses with other trees, and self fertilisation.This should allow me to determine if this species is self incompatible. Here a few pictures I took of the flowers after I had applied the treatments;


Very useful smart phones!

I have been using smart phones for a number of years now, but I have never really used them to their full advantage. I can sometimes be quite lazy when it comes to embracing technology and making the effort to figure out how to use things properly; but when I recently upgraded to an iphone, I decided to try and get my moneys worth.

Admittedly, my main reason for purchasing it was because of how nice and white and shiny it looked, but I am actually quite impressed with how useful it’s become for my degree ! I have completely stopped using standard paper diaries, as the calender, notes, and reminder options on my phone are much easier to use. The camera on the phone is just as good as my actual camera, so it’s easier for me to take pics when i’m completing any fieldwork too. Also, there are some fantastic apps available which have become very useful; I have downloaded quite a few medical apps, biology apps, books, podcasts and audiobooks, which have helped with research for quite a few of my assignments. The screen on my phone is also quite large and really clear, so it makes it alot easier for me to keep up to date on twitter, and also write this blog 🙂



I hope everyone has had a great easter and has had some time to relax a little!

I have been trying hard to get as much work done as possible so i’m well prepared for the next few weeks…. it can be difficult to stay focused when your at home all day though! Maybe another easter egg will help 🙂