Cancer research sponsorship pack

I was very excited to receive my Cancer Research sponsorship through the post the other day… I’m now one step further to raising money for a very good cause!

The pack included a really useful training and fundraising guide, sponsorship forms, a link so I can set up my own sponsorship webpage and my very own Cancer Research vest, personalised with my name.

I am now starting to increase my mileage in my marathon training and I look forward to getting some sponsorships started!

Cancer Research

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer.  With the disease affecting 1 in 3 of us, it’s vital that we raise as much money as possible to fund their research.

I have mentioned previously that I decided to run the Chester marathon on the 7th October this year; well I have decided to run for Cancer Research. My aim is to fund raise £500 for this charity and if anyone would like to sponsor me, please contact me and I can provide details of how to do so. Also, if you are interested in getting involved you can find out more info via this link;

Although the training is hard, I would recommend running a marathon as it’s a great personal achievment and a fantastic way to improve health and fitness!


Land animals of the Maldives

I am now back from the Maldives, and i’d like to share some pictures I took of some of the land animals I saw.

Land Hermit Crab, Coenobita variabilis Hermit Crabs use the shells of sea snails to live in, since they cannot grow shells themselves. As the crab grows, it has to find a larger shell and abandon the previous one. Shells should not be collected because they are essential for the crabs. They eat vegetation and insects, and in some areas bigger Hermit Crabs eat the smaller ones.

Ghost Crab Ocypode ceratophthalmus These crabs are sand- coloured and highly active at night, hence the common name. they live on sandy beaches where they make deep burrows. They are scavengers but also feed on molluscs and will attack and eat turtle hatchlings.

House Gecko Hemidactylus frenatus The House Gecko is a native of south- eastern Asia and the northern parts of Africa. They are nocturnal and can be seen climbing walls of houses and buildings in search for insects attracted by light. They grow to a length between 7-15 cm and live for about 5 years.




Tropical Ecology in the Maldives

I am currently on the island resort of Kuramthi, located in Rasdhoo Atoll of the Maldives. I am only here to gain some knowledge ahead of the Tropical Ecology module next year (honestly!) 🙂

It is a naturally beautiful island with lush vegetation, and home to a number of terrestrial animals including Land Hermit Crabs, Ghost Crabs, House Gecko’s, Oriental Garden Lizards and many different species of birds.

The marine life is amazing and right off the water villas you can find colourful Corals, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, Manta Rays, Spotted Eagle Rays, Eels, Butterfly Fishes, Angel Fishes and Parrot Fishes… and that’s just naming a few! If your brave enough to swim further out you can see Giant Rays, Sea Turtles, Whale Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks.

If you have an appreciation and interest in the natural world, then I would definitely recommend a visit to the Maldives! I will post some pictures on my return next week (if I don’t get eaten by a shark!) 🙂


Marathon training

Ok, so after having a number of lectures about various diseases and possible side effects of not exercising… I made a very brave decision to run a full marathon!

Although I am generally quite fit and healthy, I have never been a good runner so I decided to do the one thing I don’t like! I booked my place on the marathon and I have been training for four weeks now and it is actually going better than expected! I have improved quite quickly and I am already feeling generally fitter… and I am enjoying it more than I thought I would!

I would like to run for charity and gain some sponsorships along the way, but I am still deciding which charity to run for. Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂 I will be running the Chester marathon on Sunday 7th October this year…. wish me luck!

Seasons greetings….

Hello all and seasons greetings!

Christmas time has been and gone and I cannot believe it’s nearly 2012 already. I am now officially half way through my degree course… oh how time has gone so quick! I hope everyone has had a good year and a lovely Christmas.

2012 will soon be here… the University officially re-opens next week for Spring term and there is much to look forward to. There are 2 open days coming up soon; Saturday 16th June and Saturday 18th August, both 10 am- 3:00 pm, so remember to come along and book your place via the Edge Hill website. There will also be various open evenings and monthly campus tours taking place throughout the year.

I will be soon be starting preparations for my Dissertation and I also have a week long field course trip coming up in February so I have much to be getting on with… wish me luck! 🙂