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Parent Workshops in Leeds

Two teachers in Leeds felt that the parents they were working with really wanted to help their children with mathematical development and support the Numbers Count programme but didn’t feel they had the confidence or skills to do so. The teachers were Learning Partners so they used their allocated time together to discuss how they might increase the confidence and skills of the parents so that they could be more actively involved in Numbers Count.

Their approach was to develop mathematics workshops for parents and to involve other Numbers Count teachers from their LA. They introduced their ideas at a network meeting and other teachers were keen to be involved. Together they wrote a series of five, weekly parent workshops on the following themes.

  • Numbers
  • Counting
  • Models and Images
  • Addition
  • Subtraction.

To compliment these they also produced a set of leaflets with ideas of activities parents could do at home including ‘Things to do with number cards’ and ‘Things to do with a number line’  The aim of each workshop was to be interactive, fun and give parents an opportunity to ‘make and take’ relevant resources home. The workshops were delivered in individual schools with the Parent Liaison Officer and the children came along to the last 30 minutes to contribute to making a resource.

The outcome of the workshops was that teachers were able to provide parents with the skills and confidence needed to support their children in Numbers Count and beyond. The parents responded enthusiastically and enjoyed attending. The children were able to make resources with their parents that they could use at home. In wider terms the teachers felt that this contributed enormously to the increase in attitudes of the parents and children. This can be evidenced in the fact that Leeds had the highest attitude gains in the country in the 2008-9 data.

The teachers in Leeds succeeded in involving parents in Numbers Count by giving them the confidence and skills to engage their children in meaningful mathematical activities at home which complimented what was happening in Numbers Count Lessons. They achieved their aim of making parents feel that their contributions are valued and that they can make a real difference.

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Organising parent workshops


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