Anya Law

BSc (Hons) Nutrition & Health

“The welcoming and approachable atmosphere is one of the many reasons why I love studying at Edge Hill.”

Hi. My name is Anya and I am in my second year at Edge Hill University,  studying BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Health.

My experience of living on campus and in Ormskirk.

In my first year, I lived on campus in Graduates Court. I loved living on campus as it was a great way to meet people and my flatmates became some of my first friends at University. I was nervous to move away from home, but everyone moving out was in the same boat – alone and wanting to make friends. After a few days, I felt at home in my flat, luckily, I didn’t feel homesick at all, but lots of people do and it’s completely normal. Being on campus made socialising easy as lots of events and nights out happen on campus, so everything is a short walk away. My room had a single bed and en-suite bathroom, and I shared my kitchen/living area with 5 other people. I found this great, as I had room to socialise with my flatmates, but also the privacy of my room when I needed it. Living on campus is not for everyone, but I really recommend it, especially if it is your first time living alone. You have your flatmates with you, on-campus 24-hour security if anything goes wrong, and you’re within a 10-minute walk from all the campus facilities, like the gym, Student’s Union, shop, bar and more. 

In my second year, I lived in Ormskirk town centre with my flatmates from first year. I enjoyed living in town as I was a 2-minute walk from the supermarkets and shops and only a 10-minute walk to campus, so I had the best of both worlds. My house had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a small garden area. I found living off campus to be cheaper, but it depends on what type of accommodation you want to live in. Finding a second-year house or flat can be tricky, but Edge Hill host events to explain the process and gives a list of all the landlords that they recommend in the area. Overall, I preferred living on campus for the convenience, but everyone is different, and I recommend looking at both options when moving to University.

My top 3 things about studying at Edge Hill University

  • Firstly, the community feel of campus is one of my favourite parts of studying at Edge Hill. For me, I found larger, city-based Universities a bit intimidating which is what lead me to a smaller, campus-based University like Edge Hill. This environment helps me with studying as I have found people to be more open and friendly. In my lectures and seminars, everyone knows one another, and we all help each other with our work. We have a class group chat and we often message asking for advice with the assignments. This helps to keep you on track and know that other people may be struggling with work at times too. The welcoming and approachable atmosphere is one of the many reasons why I love studying at Edge Hill.
  • I love studying at Edge Hill because of the library, which is located in the Catalyst Building and recently built in 2018. Sometimes libraries can be old-fashioned and unwelcoming, but our library is very modern and has everything you need. Across the four floors are different study environments from social study to silent study, which are all open 24/7. They have lots of books, journals, computers, and laptops to use, as well as private study rooms which can be booked for free online. These can be individual so you can have your own space, or group rooms to practice group projects and presentations. The library also offers study skills workshops for free, where you can learn necessary academic skills which you may not know or have forgotten, for example referencing workshops and CV help.
  • Finally, the lecturers at Edge Hill are very supportive with our academic and personal progression. When joining Edge Hill, you are assigned a personal tutor to help you throughout University with any issues. Also, on my course we are given lots of support for assignments, including marked drafts and one to one feedback sessions to help improve. This level of support is fantastic as University is mainly about independent work, but it is nice to know who you can turn to when you’re stuck.

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