It’s been a long, long time since I last posted. So much so that I have changed the description to “University blog” rather than “Weekly blog”; which nicely leads me on to this post’s theme… naivety! It has truly been a rollercoaster of emotions this past month, from leaving home again to channeling my inner Julia Roberts, in Eat Pray Love, and figuring out what I want to do in life; the stereotypical ‘finding yourself, on Erasmus’-moment. Allow to provide some context…

For those of you who know me well, or well enough to stalk my Facebook profile,  you’ll know that I am not the most decisive person – understatement of the century. So indecisive in fact, that I changed my college courses three times, wrote several personal statements for various university degrees (ranging from Nursing to Musical Theatre) and even switched university and degree programme after first year! As you can imagine then, it’s a major revelation when I do finally make up my mind. Over the years, I have whittled down my many ideal careers to just 5 – which is still a lot, believe me I know. And deciding which of these careers to go down and which Masters degree would help most has been super stressful. But whilst on Erasmus, I’ve had the opportunity to rekindle my passion for filming and media; I didn’t realise quite how much I’d missed it. I’ve always liked with the idea of going into Broadcast Journalism, particularly being a news presenter – it was one of my first degree choices in fact – and after spending time out filming and talking to friends I think I’m going to give it a go! – for now at least.

“This is the ITV News at ten, with Craig Meichan” – you can totally picture it right? Me. In a suit. Being even more dramatic than usual?!

Anyways, on to my adventure of the week… Carnivalllll! No, not the rainbow filled, Rio-esque parade you see in movies. Instead a huge, crazy street party with a load of drunken, dressed up Germans in Cologne – how could I say no?! The first step was to come up with a costume idea, now I did want to go as Peter Pan butttt that didn’t quite work out. So I did the next best thing… PRIMARK ONESIE! Warm, low maintenance and a crazy design perfect for carnival. Sadly they were all out of the onesie I wanted, a bright pink dragon, so instead I had to opt for the green dragon instead. The day started pretty early, 6:30am. Now most of you will know that I am not great with early mornings or mornings at all. In fact, just turning up is a struggle. But alas, I made it and in plenty of time too! – Which is genuinely shocking, I know. I think it got to about 2 hours into the journey when we all realised that trying to sleep was pretty useless, instead we decided to start drinking – oops. We arrived in Cologne, not nearly as drunk as we needed to be to deal with the German winter weather, and picked up some pretzels to keep us going. I have never seen such an epic, and simultaneously hilarious, sight in my life. The streets were filled with people, music and food and we were amongst thousands and thousands of people all dressed up and getting absolutely hammered. It was basically one gigantic street party/pub crawl!

We played this odd, German shot game too where you have to tap this mini liqueur bottle on your hand before putting the bottle cap on your nose and shot-ing it… I don’t even know. And spent the day dancing in club after club, street party after street party, having an absolute blast.  But the highlight of the day was running through Cologne airport, at half 10 at night, still in my dragon onesie on a quest to get Maccie’s nuggets and get back to the bus in 10 minutes – successfully, by the way, and the nuggets were the best things I have ever eaten. It was seriously one of the best experiences of my life and if you ever can… GO!

Oh but one piece of advice… never go shot for shot with a German, you will get very drunk, very quickly.

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