Did someone say boat trip?!

I can’t believe I’ve almost left it two weeks without posting!! In my defence, life in a capital city can be veerrryyyy fast-paced, dahhhhling!

Anyways, I write to you curled up on my sofa-bed – #StudentLife – with a cup of ginger tea and an IKEA lemon candle beside me… sounds perfect, right? WRONG! I naïvely thought that moving to a different country would mean that I would escape the dreaded Freshers’ Flu. Turns out, it’s actually worse here! So here I am, surrounded by pills and potions, and this strange throat spray the little, old pharmacy lady made me buy. But onto the my main stories of the week!

So it’s around 7:45pm, I’m running late for an evening out – as usual -and my gorgeousss bestie, Marie Carstens, is waiting for me by the door. So, feeling the pressure from Marie’s very matriarchal glare, I quickly gather my things and head out of the house looking rather disheveled. We have a few drinks, the night finishes, everyone heads home and Marie and I stop to grab the essential ‘End of the Night Kebab’. We arrive back at my apartment, kebabs at the ready, and I am immediately filled with dread… I’ve left my keys inside my apartment.
You should have seen us. I transformed into this camp, and slightly tipsy, wannabe version of James Bond, and Marie was my glamourous Bond Girl – well, as glamourous as you can be with kebab in hand. One hour and many bobby-pins and loyalty cards later, my landlord sends out a locksmith. This guy came with A SHEET OF PLASTIC, opens my door in less than 20 seconds and then has the nerve. The audacity. To charge me ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EUROS! So, after successfully breaking into my own apartment, I sat there. On my bed. Dramatically crying to myself whilst tucking into my cold kebab. Well, I certainly won’t be forgetting my keys again, I can tell you that.

In other news, we paid a visit to gorgeous city that is Bruges 😀 Yayyyy!

I still find it amazing that this crazyyyy little country never ceases to amaze me! Visiting Bruges was literally like falling into a Harry Potter-esque novel. It had winding streets and kooky boutiques, cobblestones and medieval buildings, it even had it’s own mini canal system! It’s like Belgian Venice for history buffs. As we left the train station we used our tourist intuition and walked toward the biggest building we could see. We passed through the super quirky, and seemingly uninhabited, suburban part of the city and found ourselves stood in front of this towering cathedral on the doorstep of the city. And, as we headed towards the shop, we saw it… A MINI BOAT RIDE DOWN THE CANAL! The best €8 I’ve ever spent. We saw it all on that little boat, amazing architecture, stunning views of nature, the best places to buy beer and, even better, GIANT SWANS! – I’m not kidding. They were huge; the Queen would be insanely jealous. After regaining our land legs we decided to visit all the places we’d spotted on our boat trip. We took selfies with the swans, had a photoshoot by the lake and, of course, had to sample the famed Belgian waffles and fries! – Because screw gluten-intolerance! After an afternoon of exploring quirky shops, gorging on chocolate and having a quaint game of cards at a little park by the lake, it was time to head home and wish bonsoir to Bruges!

With every adventure I have in this colourful and lively country, I find myself growing more and more attached. I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave! I can’t wait for my next trip 😀

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