The Wardrobe

So I’ve lived in Brussels for roughly 3 weeks now. Nobody said it was going to be easy – quite the opposite actually – but thats what I wanted. A challenge. With that being said, waiting 3 weeks for a wardrobe to arrive was not the challenge I wanted! Especially not with over 30kg of luggage 😀

Let me set the scene. So I’m sat in a bar, after a hard day trying my best to recall the French I learned in year 7, when I get a phone call from a Belgian number I’ve never seen before. I had the typical British/Peter Kay moment, you know, “Who’s this calling at this time?!” “Answer it and find out!”. Well I did answer. And then I found myself in a game of ‘How many times can we say hello before it gets awkward?’ with a Belgian builder who barely spoke a word of English! I think we said several variations of ‘hello’ around 17 times before I finally, and in a rather sassy manner, demanded to know who was calling and why. After around 5 minutes of deciphering a combination of French and English I came to realise that my landlord, after 2 weeks, was finally going to send someone to bring and build my wardrobe and that they would be there between 1 and 3 the next day (typical builder, why can they never give an accurate time?). So that night, rather than attend a party with my friends, I sat at home, watched a movie and stayed sober (thrilling…).

As it turns out, it was pretty naïve of me to believe that the builder could actually make it for 1pm, and I could have gone out, as he turned up at 2 minutes to 3 *eyeroll*. He calls me from the street out front and we play the ‘hello’ game once more before I realise it’s him and that he’s outside. We go back up to my apartment and he walks in and looks very confused. “Where is the wardrobe?” I ask. Cursing to himself in French was definitely not the response I expected. He walks back out, I follow, he dials a number on his phone and then passes it to me. It was my landlord. Apparently the builders had forgotten to pick up and bring my wardrobe. Now I’m no expert but if you’re asked to build something, I’m fairly certain you’re supposed to bring the thing you’re going to build?

So here I am, a week later, still waiting for this wardrobe to magically appear. #PrayForCraig’sWardrobe

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