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Those of you back home know that I’m a little bit of a perfectionist at times. Be it my hair, skincare routine, bedroom or even organising my phone apps! But above all, IRONING MY CLOTHES!!! And let me tell you, I have never had a more stressful experience than scouring the tourist-filled streets of Brussels looking for an iron! THREE hours. Three hours I spent trying to find, not only a store that had them, but a store where they didn’t cost a mere €60. *Spoiler alert, none of the three stores I managed to find had what I needed.No, instead I had to order one online, which also meant four days with no iron and a tonne of creased shirts… help! Then the eureka moment came. “I may not have an iron but I do have a saucepan!”. So for the next four days I had to heat a pan to act as my makeshift iron. Even more surprising… it worked! If that isn’t the definition of student life I don’t know what is. But enough about my ironing habits, back to Brussels!

So there I was, my first week. My first lesson. My first time meeting my new lecturers and classmates and of course, as you could probably predict, I ended up taking a wrong turn on my way to uni and getting lost (why does this always happen to me?!). So after eventually finding my way I walk in – the ONLY Brit, the one responsible for redeeming our reputation after Brexit – late and to a full theatre already a good few slides into the lecture. Good one Craig.

But following that I’ve had an awesome first week. We’ve only seen a snippet of what Brussels has to offer and I have already fallen head over heels for this gorgeous city. From stunning architecture, mouthwatering waffles & fries and 1000 types of beer to weird and wonderful puppet shows, street performers and even a long-standing tradition of dressing up a statue of a peeing boy – yes, you read that right – Brussels is absolutely crazy… and I love it!

With my initial nerves completely squashed, an endless supply of coffee and an amazing group of friends from around the globe, I feel so ready to start this new chapter of my life. So stay tuned, and get super jealous as a Dane, Hungarian, Russian, Finn, Korean, Spaniard, Hong-Konger, Dutch, some crazy Germans and me take on an adventure of a lifetime!

Bonjour from Brussels!

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