What’s life without a little drama?


Bonjour from Brussels 😀

That’s it. I made it. And in one piece, no less… but not without my fair share of drama!

I naïvely thought that this was going to be a stress-free and easy journey. I was most definitely wrong. The first half was great – besides a woman falling asleep on my shoulder pretty much the whole flight. I read a good few chapters of my book, I didn’t get travel sick on the coach and I even found a gluten-free breakfast option – livingggg. Getting off the coach at Brussels Midi (wherever that is) and being stranded there is different story completely.

I. Have. NEVER walked in so many circles as I did today, I think I must’ve walked the length of that train station at least 40-times over before deciding to venture out on my own; which, as it turns out, was a really bad idea. To save my 4G I decided not to use my google maps and just follow a screenshot instead. I mean, I sort of knew where I was going (I had no idea where I was going). It took me 45 minutes of walking uphill with over 25kg of luggage to finally admit defeat. Yes, I was royally lost. Cue Jessica Kieran, my knight in digital armour!

Immediately Jess jumped to my rescue, acting as a little sat-nav in my ear, all the way from the UK! Turns out I was at the complete other side of Brussels, about a mile and half away from where I needed to be; I had been walking in the complete wrong direction. Long story short, with Jess’ help, I found my way to IHECS (woo!) but my drama didn’t end there.

Whilst walking to my new apartment I got lost at least another 3 times. Aimlessly walking around the streets of Brussels, looking very flustered, mumbling to myself and booting my cases for getting stuck on anything and everything. Eventually I find my way there to see no landlord waiting for me, no open door or sign to tell me where to go, not even an email or a phone call 😀 Turns out I got my dates wrong and came a day early. HA, FUN. I then had to trek to pretty much every cheap looking hostel/hotel in the area eventually settling on the Max Hotel. I know… I was worried too, but a private en-suite for €40, I wasn’t complaining. As it turns out the hotel was/is lovely! The receptionist was chatting to me about my travels and must’ve asked me, about 70 times, to write a good Tripadvisor review when he discovered I’m here studying journalism & PR.

By the time I’d settled into my room and popped out to quickly buy some more comfortable shoes it was 7pm and I’d been surviving on 3-hours sleep and a bucket load of coffee. I needed food and a nap. So now here I am, lay in bed, regretting napping for so long, but well fed at least! It’s gonna be a longggg night! On the bright side, the city is absolutely gorgeous and I have most definitely fallen in love.

Bonne nuit, mes amis!

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  1. <3 what an awesome blog! How brilliant a writer are you! Ah perhaps this is what you have been studying, wonderfully conversational with just the right amount of detail to keep it interesting and quirky! Your personality shines love! Youre doing so well and didnt you know getting lost is the best way to fall in love with a new place! 🙂 keep this blog up!!!

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