• Constructive approaches – putting children first in the Youth Justice System

    Beyond Youth Custody’s (BYC) framework for the effective resettlement of young people leaving custody promotes children’s active involvement in the decision-making process and details why practitioners must recognise and praise children’s positive attitudes and behaviours. The report advocates constructive approaches that are future orientated and strengths-based. In this blog, we promote meaningful participation, alongside critically […]

  • Tackling youth violence and knife crime

    Let’s be clear, we are not ‘drowning in a tidal wave of youth violence and knife crime’. However, there continues to be irresponsible reporting happening, shaping public opinion and alienating young people in the process. With that said, we can’t ignore that youth violence is the third leading cause of death for young people in […]

  • Children’s emotional health and wellbeing

    A new report, Just Health: An Enquiry into the Emotional Health and Wellbeing of Young People in the Youth Justice System, was recently published by Peer Power. The report makes a number of recommendations to improve the emotional support and wellbeing that young people receive in the youth justice system. Responding  to the report, Lord […]

  • Restorative Justice offers benefits to victims and offenders

    Restorative Justice, simply put, is concerned with conflict resolution and the repairing of harm caused by anti-social behaviour and crime. It involves the offender accepting responsibility and apologising to the victim. It is good value for money and can provide great benefits to victims and offenders. Meeting face to face can be a powerful and […]

  • Young offenders views rendered invalid: children must have a stronger voice in the system

    Across the youth justice system, young offenders’ views are not being listened to and in turn there has been a failure to act upon their wishes. But if this reluctance to allow youth offenders to have a say in the care they are receiving is not addressed, there will be a negative impact both on […]