• Northern Ambulance Alliance: New model for emergency services collaboration?

    Professor Paresh Wankhade (Business School) analyses the latest announcements about ambulance alliance and its implications: Interoperability between the emergency services (the police, ambulance and fire) is an important but highly contested topic of research. The governance of these ‘blue lights’ in England is complex given these services come under different departments and are structured differently […]

  • Emergency services collaboration: role and future of the ambulance services?

    Collaboration between emergency services is neither novel nor new. Many emergency services are already working with each other and other public bodies to provide better services while improving efficiencies. It was however argued that the present levels of coordination and collaboration are uneven and not as well developed as they might be. In September 2015, […]

  • Interoperability between Emergency Services: A Missed Opportunity?

    Professor Paresh Wankhade (Business School) analyses the latest Interoperability proposals offered by the government: The governance of the emergency services in England is complex and the three main emergency services (ambulance, police, and fire & rescue) are structured differently, largely as a result of the relatively ad-hoc nature of their historical development. In September 2015, […]